How to fyp tiktok 2022 new account

Assalamualikum online friends, see you again in mimin’s article, this time mimin will discuss how to fyp tiktok 2022 new accounts.

How to fyp tiktok 2022 on a new account is very easy, maybe for those of you who want to take a tiktok video to enter fyp, you can follow the steps in this article. tiktok is a short video application that has many users for now. various tiktok features appear and even tiktok monetization features that this means that we can make money on tiktok for now. This tiktok application media platform is indeed popular among teenagers, even today the average user opens tiktok for every day. besides that, tiktok also has various shopping features such as tiktok shop, where we have the opportunity to market products without having to have a product, that is to become an affiliate of tiktok. even the requirements to join the affiliate tiktok shop are quite easy, that is, 2000 followers are enough, you can join affiliate marketing at tiktok shop. we will get the commission. Of course by sharing the monetization feature will make users generate income from this tiktok. This is also necessary for our videos to fyp on tiktok. so how do you get our tiktok videos to fyp without promotions? Let’s talk about it in this article.

For how to make tiktok fyp videos without promotions or fyp on the latest tiktok accounts, the method is very easy, here are tricks you can do so that your videos enter fyp tiktok or enter on the tiktok homepage.

The first step is to make videos that are as unique as possible, of course entertaining. Then make sure to follow trending music or music that is going viral, even if we use different music, you can still use music that is viral. Only 2 percent, which means you can make videos with your own music but we ride music that’s viral on tiktok. This trick will usually succeed in creating a new account, you can fyp.

By following trending music, our videos will also get lots of likes and lots of views.

Then in the second point, you have to be diligent in uploading videos on tiktok so that your videos are read on the tiktok algorithm and can enter tiktok fyp. don’t forget to also use hashtags that are often used a lot or hashtags that are trending on tiktok.

Not only that, you also have to be active in uploading videos and be consistent in making tiktok video content so that your tiktok can fyp, of course.

For the method above is a free version and usually it will prove to be able to fyp if you use music that is viral on tiktok. Then for the second way you can use the tiktok video promotion feature. promote so that your video goes to the tiktok homepage. to get the promotion menu on tiktok you simply enter your tiktok video and you can tap on the arrow to the right, after that there will be a promotion menu, please promote it so that your video quickly enters fyp toktok.but for this feature it is paid and we can fill this promotional figure using an easier fund account.

For the third step you can make your video fyp on tiktok, that is by searching for tiktok fyp hours, you can search on google chrome when the time is right to upload tiktok videos to fyp, then create content that makes users curious so that users are curious with your tiktok video content.

That’s the discussion on how to fyp tiktok 2022 new accounts, hopefully this short article is useful and thank you.