How to get blogspot to be accepted by adsense

Assalamualikum online friends, see you again in the mimin article, this time mimin will discuss how to accept google adsense blogspot.

Blogspot is a free website that can make money if we are serious about making articles. For blogspot itself it is a free blog, but it can also make money.

And a lot in google searches about how to accept blogspot google adsense. To be accepted in google adsense indeed for the blog spot itself has various requirements because it is a free version.

Terms of the blog accepted by Google Adsense, make sure your blog or website has been registered on the Google Console or on the toll web master.

Then the blog also has a sitemap menu. For the requirements for blogspot to be accepted by adsense, one of which is that the traffic source must go through a google search. Julybe many of you are often rejected by Google Adsense when registering a blog with Google Adsense. For the version of the website whose own domain will usually be quickly accepted by Google Adsense, but if we use a domain, such as .com or others, we must pay monthly. for those with a domain usually can’t be combined into youtube adsense.

If you want to combine blogspot into youtube adsense of course you can, but if you use a domain for your website then you won’t be able to join youtube adsense.

The advantage of a website with a domain is that it is quickly accepted by Google Adsense, then if we use BlogSopt it may be a little difficult when we want to be accepted by Google Adsense.

Because for the url itself on blogspot sometimes errors often occur, and it is mandatory that we have to recheck the url of our website. The requirement to be accepted by google adsense for blogspot is that the web must be indexed on google, all posts must be indexed on google.

Make sure to make the website not copy and paste so that it can be accepted by google adsense, if we use the blogspot website but we only copy and paste automatically it will not be accepted in google adsense.

Then the condition that blogspot is accepted by google adsense in the blog article there are no misleading links to readers, such as links that point to other.

For the terms blogspot is accepted on google adsense, blogspot must be around 6 months old, that’s true, because blogspot itself is free, so we wait for the url to be indexed and then we register it with google adsense.

To register blogspot to google adsense itself, blogspot must be 6 months old, make sure the blog url has been registered with the toll web master.

Actually, for blogspot itself, it requires a lot of requirements, maybe because it’s free. Registering a blogspot to google adsese is very easy.

first go to your blogspot and go to the settings section. after entering the settings section you change the language to english.

So that the adsense income menu opens in the income menu tap section, after changing it to the blog language,to in English. Then you tap on the income menu and you can make Google Adsense by following the steps of Google Adsense. If you already have adsense please click connect to adsense.

Then for the waiting time from google adsense itself about 2 days or up to 2 weeks. The important thing is to be diligent in writing articles so that your blogspot looks active.

Then just wait until your website is accepted by google adsense. Usually there will be information in the gmail section of your cellphone.

And make sure all of your blogs or websites are indexed, on all toll webmasters.

Thus the discussion on how to accept Google Adsense on blogspot, hopefully this short article is useful and thank you.