How to Get Efootball Points, Complete With Redemption Method – Are you looking for a tutorial on how to earn Efootball points in 2022? If so, maybe the article below can help you do that.

E-football is one of the games that has gameplay quite attractive and realistic for the size of the Mobile. Not only the mobile version, Konami has also adapted it into the PC and console versions.

Although it received a lot of criticism in the PC and console versions, the mobile version of e-Football PES 2022 still has many fans. So, the E-football game might be a reference for Android or iPhone user gamers in the country.

Besides being interesting, eFootball PES is also fairly complete with features. We can get items and players by using currency in-game This Konami eFootball.

There are 3 types of Konami’s in-game currency, and one of them is eFootball Points. Through this point intermediary, players can buy various items, such as Iconic Players, Legends, Club Jerseys, Skills, to Position Boosters.

How to Earn PES 2022 eFootball Points

How to get points in Konami’s eFootball game is fairly easy. We don’t need to root our cellphones or additional applications to get points from this football game. Among others are:

  1. Daily eFootball login: By making players log into the PES 2022 game every day, they will get a certain amount of money rewardssometimes the prize received is efootball points for free.
  2. Following Challenges: The next way to get eFooball points is to follow all the challenges. Not just participating, we are also led to finish what was started. To see the challenge options, we can enter the Achievements menu. In this menu you will be given various choices of challenges. Like, logging in PES efootball for several days in a row, scoring hat-trick in one game, add skills management and so forth.
  3. Enter Matchday Competitions on eFootball: to get e-Football points we can fight other accounts in Matchday Matches. With a note, the team to be fought is randomized randomly and based on the current rank.

So, the higher your rank, the stronger your opponent will be. In order to balance the power map between efootball players who are played on mobile.

How to Enter the Matchday Match Competition

  • Open your Android phone or iPhone then enter the eFootball PES 2022 game
  • On the application homepage please enter the ‘Match’ menu.
  • Then, select the ‘eFootball’ option.
  • Next, select eFootball. Then click Matchday.
  • At this stage the system will search for opponents according to your individual ability level. Please set a strategy to start running the tactics to win this Matchday competition.

How to View eFootball Points 2022

We can easily see the eFootball or GP coins that have been painstakingly collected. However, eFootball points are not like that, you need to follow the following method:

  • Please open the Mobile version of the eFootball PES 2022 game on Android or iPhone devices.
  • On Game Home, click on ‘Shopping Cart or Cart’ icon
  • Well, here you can see the number of eFootball points you get along with a shopping list.

How to Redeem PES 2022 eFootball Points

As we explained above, we can exchange the eFootball points we get for players, jerseys, skills, and other items. Well, below we will share the method.

1. Exchange eFootball Points with Players

  • Enter the eFootball PES 2022 Mobile game. Then click the ‘basket’ icon next to the Messages and Gifts menu.
  • There are three options in this menu, namely buying ‘myClub Coins, Player Packages, and Exchange Points’. Click Redeem Points to continue.
  • Next, click on the swap with Player option.
  • At this stage you will be shown a list of available players that can be exchanged for eFootball points.
  • Click the player or players you want to buy. If you are sure to buy it, click the Recruit option.
  • Confirm the purchase by clicking Recruit again.
  • Done.

2. Redeem eFootball Points for Club Uniforms

  • Enter the PES 2022 v mobile game on your favorite cellphone.
  • On the game homepage, look for the ‘shopping cart’ icon.
  • There will be various redemption methods, to continue click ‘Redeem Points’.
  • Next, click on the ‘Uniform’ option.
  • Select and click on the Club or Team Uniform you want to buy with e-football points
  • Confirm the purchase by clicking Get on the pop up notification.
  • Done.

3. Exchange Points for Other Items

The stages in exchanging e-football coins are not much different from the methods one and two that we mentioned above. After entering the ‘Exchange Points’ option, we just need to click on the item option to exchange eFootball Points with other game items.

Please click on one of the items to exchange the efootball points that you have worked so hard to collect. Don’t forget to confirm by clicking the Get button in the pop up window that appears.

Notes: Make sure you have enough points before exchanging with the various options that we have mentioned above. Otherwise, the exchange will fail of course.

This is the information we can convey regarding how to get the latest PES 2022 E-football points. Hopefully some of the information we share is useful for you. That’s all and please try.