How to Get Free Credit From Share it – In the money-making application group, there have been many people talking about the Share it application, where this apk is being distributed to new users.

This free credit event has been followed by many waiting for the money-seeking group. And indeed, many have received credit from this application. either way, 25 thousand. 50 thousand even 100 thousand.

Well, below we will discuss about the Share it application that generates credit. for those of you who are curious about how to get it, please read this article to the end to find out.

What is ShareIt App

ShareIt APK is an application which serves as a medium for sharing files quickly. All files can be sent through this application, whether it’s document files, videos, apk, and so on.

There’s nothing wrong with downloading apk platforms such as the Play Store, this application has earned more than 50 million more people who have downloaded it. So it’s not wrong if many people like the features and functions of this apk itself.

Now, the ShareIt application for sharing files is holding a credit sharing event for any new or old users. As we explained above, there are several rewards which you can adjust the circumstances and luck.

Well, below we will reveal tips and tricks on how to participate in this shareit event for free credit. for more details, please complete the description below!

How to Get Free Credit From the Latest Share it

We can get credit for free by playing in the “Free Credit” event listed on the front page of the SHAREit application. Immediately, here’s how to get free credit on share it.

  1. Please download the SHAREit application
  2. Open share it, then open the free credit event banner at the bottom right
  3. The free credit event display will appear, please login via Facebook or G-mail to get the first 1000 points for free.
  4. Do check in every day to quickly accumulate points.

You can also get more points by entering the code ID2HowZEZO. Because by entering the referral code above the user can get additional bonus coins.

How to Get Coins on Share it

Besides doing check in every day, users can also get additional coins from share it in various ways. One way is to invite friends to install and use this app.

The points you get also vary, depending on your luck and the HP number you use. Because, according to the information we got. Coins obtained from card 3 users are different from Telkomsel.

However, sometimes number 3 cannot be withdrawn due to unknown reasons.
Well, for those of you who already have coins with a minimum credit withdrawal limit. We will also provide a guide withdraw share it. Here are the steps.

How to Withdraw Credit on SharIt

To be able to get free credit, you need to have 150,000 coins, which can be exchanged for 15 thousand. There are 5 redemption options in this share it apk, namely 15 thousand, 25 thousand, 30 thousand, and 100 thousand.

Please choose one of the redemption methods which you have enough coins to do withdraw the.

  • First, please Enter the Exchange Menu in exchange now.
  • Then, select the amount of credit you want to exchange.
  • The claim and withdrawal process has started.
  • Please wait for the credit to enter the number you want. Done

That’s the information we can convey related to share it share this free pulse. Hopefully with a little info above it will make it easier for you to get the credit you want. Regards