How to get more likes on tiktok 2022

As long as friends meet again with Mimin, now this time we will discuss how to add likes to tiktok 2022.

How to increase tiktok 2022 likes?

Who is not familiar with this tiktok application? Of course, it is not foreign to us, because this tiktok application is a popular application that is widely used by android users. This application presents various kinds of short videos or short videos. Besides that, it can also be used to promote our talents.

There are various kinds of interesting videos in this application, besides that, there are also many features that this application provides, from shopping, live and many other features.

Usually the video that will get a lot of likes is a video that is unique and interesting. And maybe you are wondering why the likes are a little less.

Actually to add likes automatically can be done by means of video promotions, which but we have to pay a small fee, which this promotion can use money and can be transferred from a bank or fund account.

Now, but if you think it’s better for us to use the free ones instead of the paid ones. But if our videos promote our goods or videos for business, then it’s also obligatory to promote the videos. Now, if it’s just regular videos, Mimin recommends using the free method to get more likes. many.

To get free tiktok likes without having to pay, it’s actually very easy, friend, even though our videos are ordinary, there will still be many likes.

So how?

There is actually a way that many don’t know about to add likes to this tiktok application. We can get lots of likes without having to spend money on promotions.

So, how do you add tiktok likes for free?

Here are some ways you can do to add lile on tiktok 2022.

Open your tiktok application, then select a video that has a lot of likes,

Then click on the music section that is used from the video that has a lot of likes.

Next, my friend clicks on the music section so we use the music that the video uses.

Then the music in the video, my friend, reduce it by about 1% then our original music video is 100% full, so logically we ride the music that is again viral, but still use our own music,

«It’s just that we ride music that’s trending, so that’s the point.

This method can be said to be an effective way to increase likes on tiktok without having to spend money.

The second trick to increase likes on tiktok is to use blue or red hashtags.

Usually for the hashtag itself, if it’s viral, a blue or red hashtag will appear, so even if our video doesn’t connect, we just use it for the hashtag so that our videos are seen a lot and get lots of likes, friend.

Then for the next truck, try to be diligent in uploading, and look for fyp showtimes for tiktok, make an interesting video.

Making an interesting video is also a support for our videos to get a lot of likes on tiktok.

For friends, maybe the video is for business, Mimin recommends using the promotional features available in the TikTok application.

For how to promote our videos, just select the video you want to promote, click the line at the three dots on the right, select promote this video, then you can use the transfer method or you can use a fund account.

Fill in your personal data correctly and start promoting your video if the video is for business purposes.

That’s the discussion on how to add likes to tiktok 2022, hopefully what I say is useful and thank you.