How to Get Overseas Friends on Line, Success! – Julybe line users have thought about making foreign friends in this application. Whether it’s in the Asian region such as Korea and Japan, or other foreign countries.

Not only getting friends from outside, users of this application can also join groups or communities that are in this Line. For example, a group for Korean drama lovers, a group for Japanese anime lovers and so on.

To do that, users need to know how to get overseas friends in this Line app. For more detailed information, please read this article to the end to find out.

How to Find Overseas Friends on LINE

To find friends from Korea, Japan or from abroad, actually not much different from looking for friends in the country. The reason is that Line only provides 2 ways to find other people’s accounts, namely: by scanning the QR code or looking for it in the account name search column.

To make it easier for you to find friends who live abroad, you can follow the two methods we convey below.

1. Find Friends via QR Scan

The first thing and what we recommend is to find friends by scanning a QR code. Here are the steps.

  • Log in to your Line app account.
  • Next, click the square icon next to the search field.
  • Scan the QR code from your friend from abroad, then wait for confirmation from the account owner.
  • By doing the above process, you have successfully invited the account. If you have acc, then you can exchange messages with him.

2. Finding Friends via Search User ID

If you think the first method is a bit complicated, and you need to have a scan code to be able to get friends. Then you can use the second method, which is to use the column ssearch user ID. The method:

  • First, copy the ID number of the Line account of a friend who is abroad.
  • Open your Line app account and paste it into the search field.
  • Please click Paste or Paste.
  • Don’t forget to press Enter for the account profile to appear.
  • If it’s true that the profile belongs to him, then feel free to chat directly to start a conversation. Done

By doing the two methods above, you can get friends around the world who use chat applications like WhatsApp. Now you can communicate without worrying about long distances, high fees, or long messages.

How to Get Many Friends on Line

If you already know how to make friends from abroad, it feels incomplete if you have few friends. Therefore, we will also provide additional tips to make more friends.

However, we need the typewriter to do it, namely using the help of the Invite More For Line Game application. with just 1 click then you can get a lot of friends in your Line account. Here is the guide.

How to Use Invite More For Line-Game To Make More Friends on Line

Before going to the main point of the discussion, please first download and install Invite More For Line-GAME made by this LWFD Tool developer. (if you already have it just skip it)

  • If so, please open the Line application.
  • Select the ID to add as a friend. For example the author chooses “Princess”, it will appear many IDs with the name “princess”.
  • Okay, for example we have selected the ID “Putri Kusuma Wardani” (example). Please select Action complete with Line. Then you will enter the Line application.
  • In the Line apk, the profile of the person will appear. Click “Add” to add them to the list as friends.
  • After that you will return to the Invite More For Line-GAME application.
  • To get a lot of friends in the Line application, all you need to do is repeat the steps that we have described above. Easy isn’t it?

That’s the information we can convey related to how to make friends abroad and how to get lots of friends in this Line application. I hope the little information we convey above is useful. That’s all and good luck