How to get rid of ads on hp oppo 2022

Assalamualkum. online friends, see you again in mimin’s article, this time mimin will discuss how to remove ads on hp oppo 2022. how to remove ads on hp oppo of course many who want to know for this method.

Julybe illan is a little annoying when we use cellphones or hold cellphones. So many are looking for how to get rid of ads on this Oppo cellphone. Usually ads will suddenly appear and make us uncomfortable when playing cellphones. Actually, removing ads on Oppo cellphones is very easy. it’s just that maybe you don’t know how and for those of you who want to find out how to get rid of ads on oppo cellphones right in this article, we will discuss them.

The Oppo cellphone is a smartphone that is widely used in Indonesia. It has really good features and the battery is also durable. In fact, there are many settings on the Oppo cellphone that we rarely know that we can use to change the appearance of our Oppo cellphone.

Advertising content on cellphones like OPPO we may often find on this smartphone. And maybe users will be directed to a site or website that we don’t know for the direction of the advertisement. will interfere with the performance on our cellphones.

But don’t worry, for those of you who experience the above, you can follow some of the steps in this article to get rid of ads on your Oppo phone.


how to remove ads on an oppo cellphone without an application means that without using additional applications, it is enough to use our cellphone with the settings in the settings section only.

The first step is that you can turn off personal ads on Google and you can opt out of these ads. For the method, please enter your Oppo phone, tap on the ads settings section, and you can turn off the “ads or opt out of ads, personalization” feature. .

And you will automatically avoid the ads that often appear on your Oppo phone.

Then there is also a second way that you can do to get rid of ads on your oppo cellphone. That is by disabling pop-ups on Google Chrome. until you find a pop-up setting and please disable it for the pop-up menu.

And for the last step, you can delete applications that show ads that you get on the Play Store, you just have to delete applications that often appear ads on your cellphone.

That’s the discussion on how to remove ads on the Oppo 2022 cellphone, hopefully it’s useful and thank you