How to Get Spotify Premium Free

Spotify is a free music player application that provides almost complete songs that you can enjoy for free. Even though it’s free, there is also a Spotify Premium feature that will unlock other excellent features.

The best part is that everyone is given the opportunity to try Spotify Premium for free free for the first 3 months. So before you become a loyal Spotify customer, you can try to enjoy the premium features for the 3 months first.

How to Get Spotify Premium Free 1 – 3 Months

There is one requirement to get free spotify for 1 or 3 months, namely you must have a credit card. But don’t worry, because they won’t take a dime and aim to avoid double accounts.

So please register an account first to the site Spotifythen click the button Dapatkan Premium in section Trial 3 months.

Get Spotify Premium Free

Then a column will appear to fill in your credit card information, please fill in everything correctly. And after that click the button Mulai Spotify Premium-ku and you will automatically be redirected to a page indicating the account has been successfully upgraded to premium.

Start Spotify Premium Free

What are the features of Spotify Premium?

By becoming a premium account, you will be provided with a more stable service than a free account. All of those features include:

  • Can download music and listen to it offline.

  • No more ad distractions.

  • And can skip songs without any restrictions.

How to Get a Credit Card for Spotify?

You can use options credit card virtual provided by the bank used. Just fill in at least the balance 20 thousand rupiah on the virtual credit card so that it can be used. Spotify may take a little bit of time to verify the credit card, after which the balance will be refunded again.

Or you can also use X-Card provided by Jenius (Bank BTPN). Last time I used it and managed to get spotify premium for free.

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Another Way to Get Spotify Premium Forever

Who doesn’t like the word “forever“. If the above method can be used for any device including iOS. While this one method is only devoted to Android phones. Namely using Spotify Mod.

The Spotify Premium Android app is spread across Google and that doesn’t mean you’ll get all its premium features. But that’s just a modification, one of which is removing ads so that they no longer appear when you play a song.

Please download the Spotify Premium APK application by pressing the banner below.


One of the premium features that cannot be enjoyed from the application is downloading songs. While you can pass or SKIP songs without any more limitations. So please enjoy Spotify Mod Premium as is. But if you want complete premium features, do the first method above.

Hopefully useful and good luck