How to Get Surveyon 2022 App Credit – Getting credit from applications is commonplace in this day and age, especially now that there are so many applications that promise credit prizes and other prizes, from Android phones to motorbikes, we can get them only with a capital application.

There are also applications that tell us to read, play games and others so that we can get more points and also applications that encourage us to fill out surveys, there are also many reward applications that tell us to spread links to get points, so we can earn points quickly and the members who follow the application also increase.

From the last sentence, it is possible that there are rarely applications that provide credit without us having to spread the application link to friends or groups on Facebook, WhatsApp or others.

Now it turns out that there are applications that can give us credit or money, just by filling out surveys in the application. This application may be rarely heard among friends because it may be less popular with applications such as cashtree, money locker, whaff reward cubic and others.

However, this application promises to get credit or money just by filling out surveys without having to spread links in groups or others.

This app is Surveyonan application that I recommend for pulse hunters because this application is very easy to get points.

Only by giving a rating or filling out a survey on the surveyon application, you will immediately get points, and there are also bonus points given if you fill out a survey according to the existing criteria.

The points that we get are very diverse, from Rp. 1.00, Rp. 1,000.00, Rp. 6,000.00 to what I have experienced up to 50,000 depending on how much luck you get from this application.

But the most that appears is usually IDR 100,000, maybe because it’s not too big or small so that the nominal often appears. These surveys often appear every 2 or 3 days, so you don’t have to worry about running out of surveys. The points that you can exchange for at least 1 month 1x, depending on the number of surveys you get.

Well, if you don’t have the application, please download it, buddy HERE. After downloading, please open the application, then select the home menu, then you will be given a survey option, choose a survey and do it.

After that, you will get a number of points which can later be exchanged for credit or money in the form of paypal. Now I will give tips or tutorials to redeem the points that have been collected.

How to Get Surveyon Application Credit

  • Please open the application first Surveyon buddy.
  • There are two options for exchanging points that have been collected, namely by: click bag picture on the right side of the top corner, then click which one you want to exchange credit or paypal, the second friend goes to the menu home then click redeem points.
  • The next step is the same between the two methods above, namely,
  1. Click an option, credit or paypal.
  2. There will be information about the exchange of points, swipe down and click continue.
    How to Get Surveyon Application Credit
  3. There will be an inscription “coupon” . it is the choice of which operator you want to exchange for credit, if you choose to exchange credit, or writing points to exchange if you choose to exchange with paypal. Points that are exchanged with paypal must have a minimum of Rp. 200.00 so that it can be exchanged for money.

    Image of redemption using pulse

    Image of redemption via paypal

4. Click swap.
5. Done.

Well, that is How to get money and credit through the surveyon application which is just by doing surveys we already get points, without bothering us looking for people to get points.

Julybe that’s the only tutorial I can give, thank you for visiting blog all-free95 this, and I beg for friends, please allow comments, give criticism or suggestions so that I can improve the shortcomings of this tutorial.