How To Get Youtube Premium For Free

Youtube provides premium services that will give users a better experience in watching videos, one of which is that there will be no more ads that come when playing videos or music.

In addition to no ads, users can also enjoy the Youtube Music application much better than before, that’s because Youtube Premium features a background player. So listening to music can be done while browsing or locking the phone screen.

Youtube Premium is basically priced at around 50 thousand rupiah per month, but they also provide free access for 1 month for testing. So during the trial period, you will not be charged anything.

How To Get Youtube Premium For Free

There is one condition before you can enjoy Youtube Premium for free for 1 month, that is you must have credit card. No need to worry, the credit card used is only for verification purposes, so you won’t be charged anything for the first month.

Here’s how to get Youtube Premium for free:

  1. Please go to the Youtube Premium page.

  2. Then click the button Coba Gratis.

  3. Instantly a dialog will appear, please select Add Credit Card.

    Add Credit Card for Youtube Premium Subscription

  4. Now fill in the credit card information and also the full address.

    Filling Credit Card Information

  5. Then click the button Beli.

    Get Youtube Premium For Free

  6. Wait a few moments, and you managed to get Youtube Premium for free.

To find out if it works or not, please open Youtube, later the logo will change to Premium. From then on you will no longer encounter annoying ads while watching videos.

Oh yeah, if you find any cuts around 10 thousand on a credit card, it doesn’t matter, because later the balance will be returned again within 1 to 3 days. It aims as a verification process only to ensure the credit card used is valid.

Canceling YouTube Premium Subscription

There’s no prohibition against trying it for free and then canceling it, that’s exactly what Youtube provides. So if you feel that using Youtube Premium doesn’t seem to make much difference, it’s highly recommended to cancel it before the trial period ends.

To cancel it is very easy, please click on profile picture on the Youtube page, then select menu Purchases and Subscriptions. Then click on Youtube Premium, and then click on the button Lanjut Membatalkan.

Usually you will be asked to write down the reason why you canceled the subscription. And if you have, continue pressing the button Ya, Batalkan. Done, now you are no longer a Youtube Premium member.

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In my opinion, the most prominent feature of Youtube Premium is background media playback. There are lots of online music player applications that provide this feature for free, it’s just that on Youtube there is more content.

So Youtube provides free access for this month as a trial period. Interested or not to continue to subscribe, depending on your heart when using Youtube at that time.

Hopefully useful and good luck