How to Gift on Zepeto Without Waiting 30 Days – Possible user zepeto once wanted to send an item to fellow players who played this zepeto game, but couldn’t do it because they didn’t know how. If yes, you are in the right place. Because, in this article, we will discuss how to give gifts on Zepeto.

Many Zepeto players often experience conditions where they want to buy an item, however, the coins or zem they have are not enough. Apart from top-up media, players can also get items for free through this method give gift or gift zepeto.

The activity of giving gifts at Zepeto is indeed an alternative to getting items for free without paying. With a note, there are people who volunteer to give the item to you.

However, sometimes we encounter Zepeto players who can’t send gifts to their friends. So that the charity activity of this item will not be carried out.

Well, below we will provide information about how to gift in the Zepeto application. For those of you who want to know how to do it, please read this article to the end to find out complete information.

How to Gift on Zepeto

On this occasion, we will explain in detail the guide to making gifts in the Zepeto application. So that you can send some items that your friends want. Here’s the explanation.

  1. First, please go to options Search
  2. Then, search Friend’s Name who want to send a gift or zem gift.
  3. If you have, click profile account. Then click Present.
  4. The next step, please find the item you want to give by adjusting the Zem or Coin you have.
  5. If you are confused and want to know what the favorite person you want to send this gift is, please click Suggestion. Later will be shown whislist your friend’s items. For example, a hair gift that costs 5 zem. (make sure your zemu balance can buy the gift or gift)
  6. If you click Send.
  7. You can also leave a note to the person you want to send the item to.
  8. If you click Send again.
  9. Done.

There will be a notification that provides information about the gift or the gift has been successfully sent. With this, it indicates that you have succeeded in doing a zepeto gift to your friend.

Notes: Sometimes we find this gift activity can’t be done, for unknown reasons. Please wait 1 week and repeat the shipping process again.

To expedite the process of gifting this item, make sure your account is tied to your email and mobile number. Because, some players have experienced incidents of not being able to send gifts for 30 days for that reason.

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Tips for Giving Gifts at Zepeto Ceoat

For those of you who experience problems such as notifications appearing “oh no you can send gifts 30 days after becoming a member”. You can follow these tips so you can quickly send the gift.

  • Make sure you log in Zepeto every day
  • Make sure your active email account and mobile number are linked in this Zepeto application.
  • Carry out missions and click free coins regularly.
  • Often chat with other players.

By doing these things, the gift giving feature can be fast ready return. And you can give gifts to your friends, relatives, or girlfriends who play this game.

How to Gift Zepeto Without Waiting 30 days

Here is an easy guide on how to give gifts in the Zepeto game without waiting for 30 days.

  • Please log out of your Zepeto account.
  • Then click Create New account.
  • Then click create a new character
  • On the terms and conditions of use, silence first.
  • Minimaze the application, then open your flagship browser.
  • In the search field, please type “”.
  • At this stage you will be redirected to the website page.
  • Scroll down and click Copy.
  • Next, please return to the Zepeto app. And checklist all the terms and conditions of use of the zepeto app.
  • To continue click “I Agree”.
  • Choose the character you want. Then click Next.
  • Fill in the character name, then click Next
  • On connecting your social media accounts, please click more. And select continue with e-mail.
  • Paste the fake e-mail that you copied earlier.
  • If it is difficult, click Next.
  • For Code verification, please re-enter the above fake email-id site. Then slide the “X” until it turns into a tick.
  • Scroll back to the page, the Zepeto verification code will appear that you want. 4 digits huh!
  • If so, please click Next again.
  • Set password. If so, click Done.
  • Before going to the gift delivery stage, please follow the person you want to send the item to. If so, do the delivery as usual. Done

By doing this, the waiting period for delivery will no longer be 30 days, but only 1 week. Yes, although there is still a waiting period until the gift is ready again, but the duration is much shorter and faster.

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That’s the information that we can convey related to the gift method on zepeto, hopefully with a little information above it is useful for you. In particular, for those of you who want to send your Zepeto item, zem, or coin. That’s it and good luck.