How to have surgery on Zepeto Easily – Oplas (plastic surgery) can actually be done in the Zepeto game. We can make Korean-style facial changes to be more cute, cute, handsome or beautiful as the user wishes.

This plastic surgery activity at Zepeto makes the characters created even more interesting. Because, adjust what the player wants. So, players can change according to their own wishes.

Well, below we will provide information about how to do plastic surgery in the Zepeto game. For those of you who are curious to know how to do it, please read this article to the end. okay!.

Oplas at Zepeto

When creating a character in Zepeto, of course, players want a beautiful or handsome appearance. This needs to be done so that the character looks attractive to others.

One way to make the character perfect is to do plastic surgery on the face. By doing plastic surgery on the character’s face will make the facial appearance more beautiful or handsome like a Korean artist.

for those of you who want to do plastic surgery on your character in Zepeto. Julybe the explanation below makes it easier for you to get a character model that fits what you expect. Check this out…

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How to do surgery on Zepeto

Here are the steps to change the face of Zepeto’s character by polishing it. Because it will be difficult if you use the writing method. So we will immediately provide a tutorial link in the video version on YouTube. Please watch until the end.

That’s the guide to doing Zepeto character surgery that we can convey. Hopefully with the help of the video above it will be easier for you to do plastic surgery on this zepeto.

To simplify the surgical process, please do the work step by step. For example on the shape of the face first, then the eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips and others. adjust it with the character’s skin color to make it look balanced on various sides.

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That’s the information we can convey related to the surgical procedure at Zepeto. I hope that the article above will make it easier for you to change the shape of your face to make it more attractive to other people. Thank you and hopefully useful