How to Hide Active Status Ig 2022

How to hide the Active Status of ig 2022, the active status is part of the way to disable the log when we are active on Instagram.

Not only in the Instagram application, in the Facebook application, WhatsApp can also hide the active status.

The function of several benefits when we disable the active status. One of the most prominent functions is that no one will know if we are online on Instagram.

Well, usually for friends who don’t want to be seen online by their boyfriend or partner, you can use this trick.

Which our activities will not be seen if we are online , because we have deactivated our online status.

So for this friend, you can use this method so you don’t get caught if you’re online on Instagram. Hehe

if we activate automatically everyone will be able to see our status is active or not. It all depends on whether you want to activate it or not.

Now, this time, Mimin will discuss how to disable online status on Instagram, friend.

1. The first way is to open your Instagram application

2. Click on your profile menu

3. Click on the three-dot menu at the top right.

4.Select the settings menu and select the privacy menu

5. for the next scroll down click on the “activity status” menu section then swipe left to disable.

If you want to reactivate it in the same way as the steps above, we just have to click again and slide to the right to activate it.

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It’s quite easy to find a way so that we don’t appear online on Instagram. Well, for friends who want to try this method, please, friend, it all depends on each other’s personal opinion, yes.

Next, what I will discuss is My private way on Instagram.

If our account is private then someone open our friends will not be able to see our posts

Well, for those of you who want to activate a private account, you can do that too.

The first method is the same as above, open your Instagram, click on your profile, then click on the triangle menu on the top right.

Then select settings and click the privacy menu, then my friend will find the “private” menu to activate it quite easily my friend. All you have to do is swipe right and your account will become private

If your account is private then someone who opens your friend’s friend will not be able to see our posts, if anyone follows us it will also be delayed and wait for our approval, friend.

Okay, so a little discussion on how to hide the active status of Instagram, hopefully it will be useful and thank you

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