How to Hide Apps on Samsung Phones

On Samsung phones, to be precise, those who have used One UI, certainly will not be disappointed with the features provided in it. The reason is that there are lots of hidden features that have quite important uses.

An example is hiding the application so that it does not appear on the menu. This feature cannot be directly used as in launcher most. Because the features are in home screen settingswhich is in the settings.

When this article was written, the Samsung phone used to implement this method was using the One UI version 2.1. Apart from that, there may be differences in appearance and menus.

Hiding Apps on Samsung Phones

Needless to say, here’s how to hide an app on a Samsung phone:

  1. Open Arrangement.

  2. Tap menu Appearance.

  3. Then tap menu Home Screen.

    Tap Home Screen Menu

  4. Scroll down and tap menu Hide Apps.

    Hiding Apps on Samsung Phones

  5. Now select the app you want to hide.

    Selecting Apps to Hide

  6. And tap on option Done to apply it.

    Tap the Done option

After following the steps above, now the selected application will not appear on the application menu. So you can’t open the app without having it reappear. Or alternative is to open it via app settings.

The feature to hide apps on Samsung in my opinion is less than optimal. Given the absence of special security that is able to make only the owner of the phone who can manage hidden applications. But who knows this feature will be maximized in the next version of One UI.

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Hiding apps can now be implemented on most Samsung phones without having to install launcher addition. And regarding the placement of this feature far in the Home Screen settings, this is what makes some users not find the feature.

To be sure, this feature is very important to hide a sensitive application when the phone is borrowed by a friend or child. For example, a document application chatetc.

If you have problems related to the tutorial above, don’t hesitate to say it in the comments column to get an answer or solution as quickly as possible.

Hopefully useful and good luck