How to Hide Chats on Facebook Messenger 2022

Assalamualikum wb. online friend, see you again in mimin’s article, this time we will discuss how to hide chat in the latest 2022 messenger.

How to hide chat on messenger, maybe we also need to make our chat unreadable by others. How to hide chat on messenger itself to activate it is very easy. maybe for those of you who want to hide chat on messenger it’s right in this article. We will discuss how to hide chat in the latest messenger.

Messenger itself is an application that is used to send chat on fb, in messenger itself we can send text, photos, etc. to connect with our friends on fb or messenger, if you want to chat with your friends on fb then you also have to install it. this messenger application, and for this application is also available on the play store.

Then if you have a chat message that may be secret, you can hide it in this messenger application. Of course we do this to increase the security of our personal chat data, of course this aims so that other people cannot read our private messages on this messenger.

You can do how to hide chat on messenger yourself, here are some ways to hide chat on fb messenger if you want to activate it.

First open your messenger application. Then you make sure the application is updated, friend.

Then you long tap on the chat section that you want to hide, press and hold then the archive menu will appear, then your chat will automatically be deleted and stored in the messenger message archive section. Then your chat will automatically be saved

Then to restore it, just go to the archive or chat section and press and hold it then you can remove it again from the archive menu.

How to use the latest free messenger.

How to use free messengers is indeed much sought after, to get a free messenger is actually very easy, one of which we can use facebook free mode. with fb free mode we can also use messenger for free when we run out of credit.

Some operators usually provide free messenger services that can help messenger users, but have limitations that cannot be used, such as viewing photos or watching videos, we can only use the free messenger.

Free messengers use the facebook sms service. Make sure your cellphone number is connected to facebook, open the sms feature on your cellphone, enter a message with the format “msg and fill in the message>

Thus the discussion on how to hide chat on the latest messenger, hopefully it will be useful and thank you.