How to hide the last seen wa from others

Assalamualikum online friends, see you again in Mimin’s article, this time Mimin will discuss how to hide the last seen WhatsApp from other people.

How to hide the last seen wa from a certain person you can now do when using WhatsApp. The WhatsApp application itself is now common and widely used, besides that this WhatsApp application is also very simple, making it easier for WhatsApp users to use and easy. understood.

The whatsapp application itself is an application to send chat, video, gif and much more, especially the most important thing is video calls, so the whatsapp application is also easy to use when we make video calls with relatives or close friends and even our family.

Of course this whatsapp application is simple to use and not too complicated so many use this whatsapp application. For this whatsapp application, of course it has the latest features because each application will be updated so that there are many features that we can enjoy when using this whatsapp application.

As we know WhatsApp itself has a privacy menu that we can use, usually the most used feature or WhatsApp privacy is to hide the last seen status on WhatsApp. With the last seen hide feature, of course we can set when we were last seen. as well as when Kuta is online, and will only be visible online when you open WhatsApp, while for the time and time you will not be visible to other people who you may have chosen to make it private.

Whatsapp is also currently showing the latest menu or feature which is the last seen feature except, as we know WhatsApp itself will update its application so that users are more comfortable using this whatsapp, one of which appears the last menu seen except. The person you want to create doesn’t usually see when you were last viewed on your WhatsApp. which feature is the contacts feature except, in which you can also choose who can see when you were last active and when you were last online, so you can set the settings for this privacy setting in your whatsapp.

So with the term not all contacts in whatsapp you can see when you were last active or last seen,

Here’s how to hide the last seen on the latest version of WhatsApp

First open your whatsapp, then continue by tapping on the three dots in the upper right corner,

then you can choose in the settings menu or settings, then select the account section menu,

Select the privacy menu and then you select the last seen menu.

Change the last seen menu to my contacts except, then you can set who can see your privacy and who can’t see it.

Select the contact you want to give this privacy to.

And select done, then now you can exclude people who are in your whatsapp contacts of course.

If on WhatsApp you don’t have this feature, then you must update your WhatsApp or update your WhatsApp to the latest version on the Google Play Store.

That’s the discussion on how to hide the last time seen on WhatsApp from other people, hopefully it’s useful and thank you.