How to hide the Vivo 2022 cellphone application

How to hide applications on a vivo cellphone, how do you do it? Well, that’s right, my friend is in this article, this article will discuss how to hide applications on the latest Vivo 2022 cellphone.

The vivo cellphone itself is a smartphone that has many users, this vivo cellphone as a whole is equipped with various interesting features for its users. One of them is how to hide applications on this Vivo cellphone.

You can get this application hiding feature on this vivo cellphone, the function of hiding the application is to secure our personal data, in fact apart from the application lock, the actual screen lock with a pattern is also available. Well, if the original personal data remains safe, then we can hide the application in this vivo cellphone.

We can take advantage of this feature to protect our personal data from others, such as mobile banking applications, digital wallets, etc., basically which contains our personal data, we can secure it.

Here are the steps to hide the application on the Vivo cellphone:


~ The first way is to open your Vivo cellphone

~ Next, go to the settings menu page section,

~ Then go to the fingerprint section

face and password

~ Next, select the privacy and app encryption menu.

~Click on the Hide menu

~Tap the button on the finished app

selected and oilh hide

Keep in mind that the hide app feature on fountouch OS and above will completely hide the application we want, and the application will not be able to appear on the home screen, and we will not be able to receive notifications from the application, if it is locked using this hide apo.


For how to convert hide funtouch os 3 down, just press and hold on the home screen, select the hide icon menu,

Enter your password or privacy if you haven’t already, drag the icon of the app you want to hide into the hide icon.

The method above can also be done for iOS 3 and below, it’s just that maybe each step will be slightly different, but the goal is still the same to hide the apps that we want to hide.

In addition to the above methods, you can also use additional third-party applications from the Play Store.

For the application itself, you can search in the play store, namely ~Nova Launcher~Then go to the home button menu, and set the application as the default launcher.

Next enter the app drawer page, which displays a list of applications, then press the application you want to hide and slide it into the nova launcher application.

Hide the application according to the instructions that appear

How to activate double tap screen on vivo cellphone.

Double-tap the screen on the Vivo cellphone is indeed very important, this can keep the side buttons from being damaged quickly.

So, how do you activate double tap on this Vivo cellphone.

Well, here are some steps that you have to do when you want to activate double tap on the Vivo cellphone screen.

~ Go to settings on your vivo phone

~then select the smart gesture menu

~ Next, my friend can enter the smart screen turn off gesture menu, then just activate the double tap menu,

To activate it, you can swipe right, and if you want to turn it off, you can swipe left

Thus the discussion on how to hide applications on this Vivo cellphone, hopefully it will be useful and thank you.