How to hide tiktok following list

Assalamualikum Shabt online, see you again in Mimin’s article, this time Mimin will share how to hide the following list on the latest TikTok.

Who doesn’t know tiktok? Tiktok is a social media application that is currently widely used by Android users.

tiktok itself is an application that I like, of course, to use tikrok itself is actually very easy, bro. tiktok itself provides short videos that are sad, funny, etc.

Besides that, the Tiktok application also currently has complete features such as displaying products that you can buy too, so don’t be surprised by sharing this interesting feature so that Tiktok is widely used.

We can also be creative through this tiktok application, even for later songs, tiktok itself is very famous and much sought after, of course many use this application by making short videos or short videos.

What’s more, for those of you who are business people, you can also promote your products to this tiktok application media, so you can also attract buyers from this social media.

Okay and this time we will discuss how to hide the following list of the latest tiktok 2022 as follows:.

Before proceeding to the discussion, we must be able to distinguish between followers and following.

Following itself, we can mean the people who follow us. And for filling these are the people we follow.

First you open your tiktok application, and click on the photo section at the bottom right which goes to our profile.

then Tap on the more options menu at the top right corner,

Choose settings and privacy

select privacy then you select the menu with the button

“list section”

and select the setting that is from public we set it to ‘private or only me’

Then you can automatically hide your following, of course.

Thus. The discussion on how to hide following on tiktok may be useful and thank you.

How to see who is peeking at our profile on tiktok, riktok currently has a new menu in the icon section like the eye at the top right. And this menu serves as a way for us to see who has accessed our profile in the last 30 days

If the menu in your tiktok application does not have the eye logo on the top right, please update your tiktok to the latest version.