How to hide whatsapp online 2022

Assalamualikum online friends, this time the admin will discuss how to hide online status on whatsapp, or hide online status in the latest wa 2022.

How to hide whatsapp online you can do, when you don’t want your online status to be seen by others. This certainly makes you comfortable when playing whatsapp and doesn’t look like you’re online.

Of course, to hide online status on whatsapp, you don’t need to use additional applications, just use the original wa, we can disable ststus in this wa.

Hide online status is indeed much sought after by wa users, whether they really want it not to be seen online when opening this whatsapp. Well, friends who are looking for this trick are right in this article, because we will discuss how to disable online status on WhatsApp.

For how to hide online status or active status on whatsapp, you can follow the steps below;

First Open your WhatsApp application

Select in the settings menu or the settings menu in the right corner.

Next, you can select an account or account, then click on the privacy section and then just swipe down and click on the read receipt section.

Check or swipe so that the active status turns off and automatically, my friend has succeeded in hiding the active status or online status on wa.

If it’s already active, then the term is only you who know about being active. You can also activate selected contacts to view our online status. This method is quite easy to use and of course without additional applications.

And the benefit of hiding this active status, we will automatically not be seen online if we are online.


the wa way tick one is also much sought after by wa users. Of course if someone sends a message, only one tick will appear even though we have read it.

Well, but to do wa tick one, my friend must use GBwhatsapp of course.

In GBwhatsapp we can uncheck two which means we can activate the one tick feature, for the original wa itself is currently not available.

If you want to download or have a wa feature, check one, you can search for GBWhatsapp and many on the web if you want to download it.

Thus the discussion on how to hide WhatsApp 2022 online status, hopefully it will be useful and thank you.