How to Hopefully Not Sleepy While Working

Tips for overcoming sleepiness at work – Drowsiness appears as an indicator to your body that it’s time to rest. A night’s rest is the best way to recover the energy you lost after a long day at work and speed up recovery when your body experiences health problems. Practically sleepy when you go to bed at night is good for health means your body is in a normal state, but the problem is when you easily or often feel sleepy at any time even when you are working.

In addition to affecting your performance, sleepiness at work is certainly very dangerous, especially if you work with machines, drivers and other types of work that require focus. Not only dangerous for yourself but can harm others as well. Unless you work as an office staff, you will be scolded by your boss hehehehehe….

Often sleepy caused not by normal body conditions, some of which are as follows:

  • Body lack of rest (stay up, insomnia, busyness)
  • Lack of nutritional intake of food for the body is expected to resemble forgetting breakfast
  • Symptoms of anemia or signs of anemia
  • Dehydration or lack of body fluids
  • Tired or recovery period after illness
  • Irregular or changing sleep patterns

Tips for not being sleepy at work

Now, after you know some of the causes that make you often sleepy even at work, this time we will continue with tips on how to overcome sleepiness or eliminate sleepiness when you work:

Don’t forget breakfast
Breakfast is a way for you to provide the nutritional intake needed by the body to produce the energy or energy that you will use. So when the body does not get nutritional intake when the body needs a lot of energy or energy then you will easily fall asleep, so make sure you don’t forget your breakfast.

Get enough rest
Ideally the body needs rest between 7-8 hours per day and it will be very effective if you rest at night. Sleep is a way for your body to recover the energy lost when you use it for daily activities, speed up the body’s recovery when you are experiencing health problems and many other benefits when you get enough quality sleep. If your body lacks rest then you will be easily sleepy, lazy, unmotivated, unfocused etc. If your body is sick or less fit then multiply rest, and for a moment stop from your daily routine.

Don’t change your sleep pattern, if you’re used to sleeping at night for a certain time, don’t change that habit. So don’t turn your sleep into a night of staying up late, day to sleep in an ever-changing period of time.

Just drink water
When you lose body fluids your body will become weak, lazy, unfocused and easily sleepy. So make sure to meet your body’s fluid needs by drinking lots of water between 8-9 glasses (1.5 L) / day.

Taking stimulants
Stimulants are substances that stimulate your brain so that you stay awake or focused, some types of stimulant drinks, namely tea, coffee, energy drinks, etc. but it should be noted not to consume too much of it as a pattern of coffee that is drunk more than 2 cups per day can cause sleep disorders, stomach problems and general health problems.

Regular exercise
When you exercise regularly for at least 30 minutes every day, your metabolism will increase, and when your metabolism increases you will become healthier, more focused, fit, not easily sick and of course not easily sleepy in addition to activities needed to rest.

Get some fresh air
An open space and a deep breath of air can instantly overcome your drowsiness. So if you feel sleepy when you are working, then get up from your sitting area, go out for a while, look at a clear or open room and take a deep breath, it is guaranteed that your sleepiness will soon disappear.

Washing face
When you start to feel sleepy at work, go to the toilet to wash or wash your face and hair, then your sleepiness will disappear and your condition will return to focus.

Check with the doctor
So if you’ve tried various ways so you don’t get sleepy at work and that doesn’t work, then visit a doctor and consult him, maybe there are serious health problems that cause you to fall asleep easily, such as signs of anemia, etc. That way you can get the right treatment if you find a disease that is associated with you being sleepy.