How to Join Affiliate Tiktok Shop Make Money On Tiktok

How to Join Affiliate Tiktok Shop Make Money On Tiktok_ How to Join Tiktok shop, currently many Tiktok users are looking for how to join this affiliate Tiktok shop. To join the Tiktok shop at this time is quite easy. For those of us who want to join the Tiktok affiliate program shop right in this article we will discuss it.

Tiktok is a social media platform by sharing short videos in it, tiktoo itself is currently widely used by android users, even now more online on tiktok compared to other applications. tiktok itself brings up many of its newest features which can make money through features (monetization of tiktok), monetization of tiktok is a feature where users can make money from just playing this tiktok.

The 3 features of tiktok monetization that you can do to get money on tiktok quickly are divided into 3, where for the first there is the monetization of the tiktoo creator marketplace, where we can collaborate with other brands. then the second is the Tiktok Shop where users can monetize using this tiktok shop or make money on tiktok shop by joining this tiktok shop affiliate marketing program.

In the third position there is the prize menu monetization feature, where we can make money from gifs sent in our videos and by making videos on tiktok we can make money. tiktok user.

Not only that, because tiktok itself prepares a live tiktok feature where with this live tiktok we can also make money on tiktok with only live tiktok. when users send gifs, we will get dollars and we can withdraw them to rupiah.

So it’s not surprising that now many people are doing live on tiktok. For some monetization features or making money on tiktok through the tiktok shop affiliate program, there is currently a lot of interest, so as a seller or product owner you can sell on this tiktok shop, while as a tiktok user those who don’t have goods can become partners or join this tiktok shope affiliate.

How to join the latest 2022 tiktok shop.

For those of you who want to join the tiktok shop, the method is very easy, here are some ways to join the tiktok shop affiliate at this time:

First you can open your tiktok account, tap on the top left there is a three-dot icon and select it in the creator tools menu.

Next, you will be taken to the tiktok monetization menu, as I mentioned above, there are three monetization features, namely marketplace monetization, tiktok shop monetization, and monetization of the gift menu and you choose tiktok shop.

The requirements for joining this tiktok shop are currently very easy to have around 2000 followers, you can already join this affiliate tiktok.

Tap on the tiktok shop menu and select the join menu when your followers have reached 2000 followers.

After joining you will be taken to various products, and in your tiktok account a basket menu will appear where you can become an affiliate, that is your job is only to market the seller’s products, tap on the add product menu then you have successfully joined this affiliate tiktok.

You can add as many products as you like in this tiktok shop cart, so your followers can see the products we offer on your tiktok profile,

Thus, the product owner and us as tiktok users are mutually beneficial where when we have joined the tiktok affiliate program then when the product you offer is sold automatically you will get a commission on every product that has been sold.

As a tiktok user, in order to make money for monetization, the first hang, namely the creator market place, requires around 100k followers before being able to join the monetization of this creator marketplace.

Then for the prize menu requirements, you only have to have around 10,000 followers, so you can join the tiktok prize menu.

That’s the discussion on How to Join an Affiliate Tiktok Shop to Make Money on the Latest Tiktok, hopefully it’s useful and thank you.