How To Know A Boy Is Serious & Really Committed

A man will think many times before they decide to get married. A thing that makes sense if men think more about deciding to a more serious kinship stage because later when entering a more serious kinship (marriage) he will become the head of the family. But of course you don’t want to wait too long for their decision, do you? Moreover, you are often asked “when are you getting married” or “when are you coming” so this question might make you more upset hehehehe…

So how do you know if they are serious about your relationship and really committed to your future relationship? The following are tips for knowing your male partner is truly committed and serious about your kinship:

Committed men never change their feelings with the kinship they live
Long-standing relationships are indeed frequent debates, quarrels or differences of opinion, it is a natural thing. Men who are truly committed and serious about you, they will not change their feelings for you. They can still make you feel homesick, they can always make you laugh, they are always there when you are sad and you can always count on them even if you fight or fight a lot.

They are more open
Men who are serious and committed will consider you not only as a partner but can also consider you as a friend, friend or closest person who can make them comfortable so they will be more open with you. Keep in mind that men are more difficult to open up than women.

A man who is serious about you involves you in his life
Yes, because of his promise and seriousness with you, he doesn’t only think of you as a traveling companion and a dining friend. Your position in his life is far more important than just passing the time between college or work. Yes because they have a future with you. He involves you in so many things that happen in his life.

Serious men always have rational reasons when asked about the future of their relationship
He doesn’t just treat you as his girlfriend. He wants you to be his fighting partner. his partner. Serious and committed men always have a rational and relevant reason when you ask to bring your kinship. When asked where this kinship would take him, he could explain rationally. If he is not ready to be serious, now he does not shy away and still has a detailed explanation of his plans for the future in a straightforward and optimistic manner. There is no tone of wanting to please and want to avoid there.

Your commitment remains bright and he will be more excited
A man who is serious and committed will always be more tenacious in trying and eager to do the things that are expected, so that his future planning with you will be carried out. Just because he hasn’t proposed to you he doesn’t necessarily ignore and make you feel less cared for. His commitment to you has not diminished in the slightest. You still adhere to the same principles. The commitment that was agreed upon at the beginning of the relationship is still maintained. And he will show his seriousness by doing things that are expected for the future of both of you. One day, when the time comes he will come to you and tell you to be his universe.