How to know someone’s character from the way they walk

Body movements or body language will indeed describe what the letter owner looks like, as quoted from a book entitled “Making the Most of First Impressions” written by body language expert Patti Wood. According to him, “Personality cannot always be judged from the outside. There are several things that offer a person’s personality, one of which is walking style.” Patti explained.

Character is made by habits that are carried out so as to form a personality letter. As a pattern, if someone has a habit of always learning, then he has a more intelligent and broad-minded character, and vice versa if someone who has a lazy habit and is reluctant to study then he too will be old-fashioned and poor in knowledge. Well, quoted from Patti Wood’s book about Making the Most of First Impressions, here’s how to recognize a person’s letter from the way he walks:

Knowing a Person’s Personality from the Way He Walks

Go slow and look relaxed not in a hurry
The character of the person as seen is a person who is relaxed, peaceful and never takes risks in his life. He is usually not a hard fighter, easily give up when he meets failure. Sometimes, this laid-back behavior makes it difficult to progress in anything.

Walk straight and fast
This way of walking is categorized as someone who is hard, hardworking, not easy to give up, confident, full of enthusiasm and high energy. Characters like this are usually full of effort and never give up. He always tries to learn from failure and exceeds his limits to succeed. Therefore, he has a great chance of success.

Walk like tiptoe
The way of tiptoe describes him as a person who is full of caution. Full of caution means that it is difficult to trust others, does not like change, is too inquisitive, wants to know many things from other people but for himself he is a closed person. Because he has a hard time trusting others, he is also hard to trust because he will always be careful for himself, so he tends to be selfish.

Walking looking down at the ground
If you have a friend who has a habit of always walking with his head down, then maybe he has a quiet character. He is a person who is more introverted, but that does not mean he is insecure or difficult to get along with. The characters tend to be mysterious, seem indifferent and cold. But don’t get me wrong, he is quite admired because he not only often makes people curious, he is also a very loyal person to his partner.

Walking while often looking left and right
Yes, walking frequently looking left and right shows that he is someone who cares about his surroundings. He cares about others or understanding the things around him and those closest to him. The character of a person like this is very suitable to be a friend or lover. He is also able to get the trust to keep secret and will always be there for the people he loves.

Walking straight
People who walk straight have a firm and principled character. Characters like this usually have the potential to become a great leader or figure. He is also very wise in making decisions and always thinks long before acting.

Walk not straight / often turn
On the other hand, people who walk not straight have letters that are not firm or have no principles. Usually he just enjoys life without having any plans for the future. People like this are also usually just playful and tend not to be serious.

So, after reading the tips above, what do your letters look like? Again, this is just an evaluation by body language expert Patti Wood in her book Making the Most of First Impressions, so you may believe it or not.