How to Level Up Fast in Happy Mall Story – Happy Mall Story is a game where players try to run a mall as a business field that they manage. You need to develop this business to become the largest shopping center.

To make the mall the best shopping center, players need to manage it well in order to quickly level up. Because to level up, players need to know tips and tricks to do it.

Well, below we have included information about how to quickly level up in the game mall story. For more details, please read the guide we have provided below!

How to Level Up in Happy Mall Story

There are several ways so that players can play Happy Mall Story well and quickly level up, including:

Understand How to Play Happy Mall Story

Not only playing it as they wish, but players also need to set up Mall Story so they can level up quickly.

Collect a certain amount of money as determined in the game, because by doing so you will be faster in level updates.

Of course to collect some money smart players innovate and be tenacious. Because in this game you need to think of any way to quickly level up.

Increase sales shop

To quickly go up to the next level is to increase the number of shops. Players need to collect a lot of money to set up a lot of new shops.

If we think about it, the more shops and goods there are in the store, the more buyers visit. Ideally, the more complete the store, the more interested buyers are.

With many shops, complete merchandise, and visitors the more money will be generated also has a significant increase in presentation.

Upgrade the shop so that the income will also increase.

Using the Right Items

The item we mean is a gift given by the mall to visitors. Existence rewards in the form of this item will make visitors happy and may give more money or coins.

Only, players need to put items in the appropriate places. For example, pineapples are placed in fruit shops, toilet paper is placed in toilets and many others.

Collecting Blue Stars

In the Happy Mall Story game, players will find a blue star that suddenly appears from the bottom up.

Collect each of the blue stars, so you can use the ‘combo’ feature. The combo feature functions to multiply money within a certain time. So, the money you collect will be more and more.

That’s the information we can convey related to tips to quickly level up in Happy Mall Story. Please apply the method above so that you can earn more money and level up. Thank you and hopefully useful.