How to Limit Indihome WiFi Users Maximum

On most routers, the maximum setting for devices connected to the WiFi network is set as maximum. Whether it’s 32 or 64, depending on the router’s capabilities. While you can also really set it for certain circumstances.

Setting the devices connected to the WiFi network is very important so that the internet speed is evenly distributed. In addition, setting it is also useful for limit someone else is connecting to the network without permission.

In connection with the number of WiFi Indohome using a modem/router type ZTE and Huaweithen this article will show you how to set it up for just those two routers.

1. Limiting Device Maximum on ZTE Modem

  1. Please enter the admin page.

  2. Click menu Network > WLAN > SSID Settings.

  3. In section Maximum Client change to the desired maximum number of totals.

  4. The last step, click the button Submit.

Limiting Indihome WiFi Users Maximum

After performing the steps above, usually the system will ask to restart so that the settings are successfully applied. So when the modem is successfully restarted. there is now a limit on the devices that can connect to WiFi.

2. Limit Device Max on Huawei Modem

Almost the same as in ZTE, only slightly different menu. Here’s how:

  1. First of all go to the admin page.

  2. Then go to the menu WLAN > WLAN Basic Configuration.

  3. Click on the SSID you want to restrict users to.

  4. Then in the Number of Associated Devices please change to the maximum number of the desired device.

  5. Finally, click the button Apply.

Limiting the Maximum Connected Devices on Indihome WiFi

To apply the new settings, it’s a good idea to reboot the modem. From now on if the WiFi user is maxed out, then other devices that want to connect will certainly fail.

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Setting the maximum number of users who can connect to a WiFi network is very suitable for home WiFi types. So that the internet speed remains stable and avoids other people connecting to the network without permission.

For example, at home there is 4 cell phones and 2 laptopsso you can set the max total as 6. And it’s a quick way to limit devices instead of manually filtering.

Hopefully useful and good luck