How to live facebook gaming 2022

Assalamualikum online friends, see you again in mimin’s article, this time we will discuss how to live game facebook gaming 2022.

The way to live Facebook gaming 2022 is currently very easy. fb is a social media that has a lot of users, on facebook currently has interesting sharing of features, such as the facebook fanspage. You could say like on YouTube, we can also have the opportunity to monetize our videos and live streaming on our Facebook fanspage. Of course this is a source of income for us as creators and those who like to play games.

By live in games or on facebook or on fanspage we will make money from ads that appear and just like things on yt.we can make money from this facebook fanpage.of course this makes facebook users have the opportunity to make money on the internet by simply live streaming on the fanspage and make videos on the facebook fanspage.

For the Facebook fanspage itself to monetize our fanspage so that we can make money, we need to have a minimum of 10 thousand followers, then we can monetize the videos we have. And for the videos themselves we have to make original videos to pass the monetization of the Facebook fanspage.

And this time we will discuss how to live stream on Facebook gaming for those of you who like games, of course without the hassle. Here are the steps for the latest 2022 Facebook Gaming Libe that you can do are as follows:

First install the facebook gaming app on the play store.

Then log in using your facebook account gmail and password.

After logging into Facebook gaming you will find a logo like a camera on the right. Then click on the camera logo and you choose live on Facebook or on your fanspage.

For your own privacy you can set it to the public, only me, or just friends, then you notice the logo on the top right there is a comment menu, camera and sound. Then you activate everything and you just select the game you want to use for live streaming on Facebook Gaming .

If the game already has a red logo that reads “live” then automatically you have succeeded in live gameing on Facebook. In this Facebook gaming application, you can also live stream only on the Facebook page or on the Facebook fanspage. You just have to choose live on the page. me, then you will be brought live only on your fanspage, friend, and choose the settings that are public.

Make sure your internet connection is also good, so that when the live doesn’t get stuck, you can also show your face by tapping on the camera icon menu, then you can go live and your picture will appear in addition to the live streaming on our facebook.

So we just have to install the Facebook gaming application on the Play Store so we can live without any hassle, besides that you can also see people who are live right away on this Facebook gaming application. And this method is quite simple, you can live games together with your friends. then you can also choose live on facebook then automatically your libe can be watched by other people

That’s the discussion of the latest 2022 live facebook gaming, hopefully it’s useful and thank you.