How to Live Streaming on Facebook

Have you ever seen a friend doing a live broadcast or live streaming on Facebook? You too can do the same. There are many things that can be done on the live streaming, such as creating polls, playing games, selling, and many other things.

The live streaming feature on Facebook has basically been around for a long time. And now almost all mobile phones can enjoy these features. All it takes is stable internet connection along with the Facebook application only.

Whether it’s the large version of the Facebook application or the Lite version, all of them can broadcast live. But in this article I will explain the tutorial specifically for the large version of Facebook. Even so, this procedure is actually almost the same for the Lite version.

Live Streaming Tutorial on Facebook

The first thing that must be properly prepared is a fast & stable internet connection. Because if the network speed is relatively slow, it will definitely cause traffic jams for viewers who see it later. So the role of the network is very important here.

If the internet connection has been set up. Please follow the steps to live stream Facebook below:

  1. Open the Facebook app.

  2. Tap on options Live broadcast.

    Tap Live Option

  3. Now you can set up several things, such as the location of the camera, filter effects, and so on.

  4. If you feel you have, tap the button Mulai Video Siaran Langsung to start with.

    Click Start Video Live Streaming Button

  5. Done, now you have successfully streamed.

Apart from videos, you can also create live audio. So it will be like radio. How to do it is very easy, just press the three-dot option button next to the flash icon, and after that tap options Live Audio.

Once the live broadcast starts, you will can know anyone who is watching and converting in the comments. Any likes or reactions of viewers will also be displayed on the screen.

After the live video is stopped, it will still be stored in the facebook archive and you are free to choose to leave it or delete it permanently.

Minimum Internet Speed ​​for Live Streaming

The upload speed is more needed, considering this is a live broadcast. So it’s like you upload videos continuously until you end it. And to get a better experience, the minimum internet speed required is 10Mbps.

More than that of course would be much better. And if below that, it is possible that there will be a decrease in the quality of the image or audio which causes the image to be a little blurry than usual.

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Anyone can do live streaming on Facebook without any limitations. You can even do it just for fun or want a friend to chat while completing activities.

The rest is if you use this live streaming feature for business, for example selling. So it would be better to set up a fast connection so that customers can see the picture clearly to make him interested in the products offered.

Hopefully useful and good luck