How to live the latest tiktok 2022

Assalamualikum, friends, see you again with Mimin. Now, this time Mimin will discuss how to live streaming the latest TikTok 2022.

The tiktok application is indeed familiar among teenagers, even this tiktok application on all android phones already has the tiktok application. Many users like this application, of course, those who like to make short videos or short videos.

In this application, you can actually make money from the promotion of shop items, which are in this application, besides that we can invite friends too and then we will get a commission from this application.

For the tiktok video itself, we can actually promote it, but for a fee, friend, which we can transfer or use our fund account, friend.

Judging from this application, there are also many viral ones, especially those who post their talents, for example in the field of singing, or other hobbies. It will quickly go viral if promoted in this application, friend.

That’s why a lot of viral from this application.

Tiktok application by presenting sharing short videos, and filters or effects and even now there is also a shop menu, which we can also shop in this application.

Sharing short videos with dj tiktok music for money certainly makes us feel at home playing tiktok, with various interesting features, of course,

We can also live streaming by greeting our cowards or followers and can even earn rupiah coffers,

Every day the features of this application are almost complete, friend, starting from the shop features, etc. Before we discuss live tiktok in, let’s first discuss what is live tiktok?

Live tiktok is a way to greet fans directly, so we can talk about the term, we can comment together with fans or followers. Actually, to fill spare time or spend too much time doing live on tiktok.

Then in this application we can show our talents, many of which have gone viral because of the talent that is channeled through this application, such as singing talent etc.

Let’s discuss how to live stream tiktok and what are the requirements to be able to live stream on tiktok? Let’s discuss!!

How do you live tiktok for now?

This tiktok live streaming feature is most often used to greet fans on tiktok, there are even those who stay up late by opening this tiktok live feature.

How to live streaming tiktok is quite easy, buddy, just open the tiktok application and make sure you already have a tiktok account,

Click on the (+) menu in the middle then just select “live” and we will automatically live streaming on tiktok.

Why can’t I bro???

Let’s discuss what are the requirements for live streaming on tiktok,

For live streaming on tiktok itself, not all can do it, there are a few things you need to know in order to be able to live tiktok.

1) The maximum age for registration must be over 17 years old, friend, so the trick is so that we can live the age when we register, we just increase the age, friend, so we can live the tiktok.

2) Must have at least 1000+ followers, friend, but that also doesn’t guarantee it can be live, because there are also some users who already have 1000 followers but still can’t live tiktok, usually this happens because of age, or like in point number one, friend.

So how do we get live on tiktok???

If the followers are already supportive, maybe in the age section that you need to update, how to change the date of birth and year of tiktok, you can change it, using a cellphone number or a google account,

It depends on the first time you register on the tiktok application, there are many tutorials on the youtube channel

That’s how to live tiktok 2022, hopefully it will be useful and thank you.