How to live tiktok while playing the 2022 game

Hello friends, I’ll see you again with Mimin, now in this discussion, Mimin will discuss how to live Tiktoo while playing the game that many are looking for.

The tiktok application releases a new feature that you must try, namely live games on tiktok,

Tiktok is a social media that has many users, tiktok itself has a short video feature with a trending viral dj

tiktok has various features, from shopping, live etc.

not only that, tiktok also has a means of entertainment, news, information and much more.

The features of this application can be said to be quite complete, which is that this tiktok application is an application for short videos with the latest viral dj music.

Live tiktok is indeed more exciting, that’s why many want to live on tiktok,

Usually many friends can’t live on tiktik tok,

The advantage of us being able to live on tiktok is that we can communicate with each other, which is where we can share and chat with each other, of course, it’s cool too, right.

So this time, how about live tiktok while playing games, is it possible!??? The answer can be,

Before you go live on tiktok with games, it turns out that there are some requirements for friends who want to live tiktok while playing games, make sure you already have a tiktok account, have around 1K followers. Those are the requirements to be able to use this live feature, friend.

Here’s how to live game on tiktok.

There are a lot of juices among teenagers who are still alive on tiktok, usually by using mobile or ml games which are often used a lot.

Open the TikTok application, my friend, then make sure TikTok has been updated on the Olay Store.

Then open the camera application in Kilik on the screen menu and select the costume URL, RTMP and the streaming button.

Open the TikTok application and click on the live menu, then you can select the PC/Mac live menu, and you will be taken to the streaming lock menu.

To then copy the server url from tiktok, click the stars button in the live menu.

it will automatically live on tiktok by playing games, of course, to be sure, you can use a different cellphone so you can check our live on tiktok.


Many tiktok users complain that they can’t live streaming on tiktok, actually if you want to live tiktok you must have 1k followers and age must also support so that you can live on tiktok, tips from mimin if you want to be able to live streaming, please change your date of birth, friend.


tiktok pink heart filter. This filter is viral on tiktok, so to download the filter, it’s enough. Go to tiktok, and type the name of the filter pink heart,

Thus the discussion on how to live games on tiktok, hopefully it will be useful and thank you.