How to live tiktok without 1000 followers 2022

Assalamualikum online friends, see you again in mimin’s article, this time mimin will discuss how to live tiktok without 1000 followers.

Method live tiktok without 1000 followers or how to live tiktok without a minimum of followers, is it possible?? Let’s discuss it in this article. And in this article we will discuss how to live tiktok without 1000 followers.

Tiktok itself is a social media application with various short videos or short Visio. Many tiktok creators share various short videos on tiktok and even now almost all of them use this tiktok application.

And for now the tiktok feature itself is growing by giving its users a way to make money on tiktok, which is with the tiktok prize feature, then the online shopping feature or tiktok shop.

With the tiktok gift feature and the online shopping or tikrok shop feature, of course, more and more users will use this application, and even the goods sold at this tiktok shop are cheap, of course, making it easier for users to shop online, especially in this era of the internet. .

In addition, tiktok also implements a tiktok affiliate feature or affiliate feature for tiktok users. With this affiliate feature, tiktok affiliate sellers and users can communicate with each other, of course tiktok sellers will get big profits if many tiktok users use this affiliate feature. and as tiktok users will also get money from this tiktok shop if the products they offer are sold, automatically tiktok users who become affiliates will get what is called a “commission” from the products on offer if they sell.

Of course this is mutually beneficial is not it? From sellers on tiktok with tiktok users who market products from the seller. so it’s no wonder that currently the tiktok application is widely used, especially among teenagers who use this tiktok application.

Apart from affiliate features as a tiktok user, you will also get tiktok prizes from their fans, if they are successful live on tiktok, the requirement for tiktok to be live is a minimum of 1000 followers and then the age factor of 18+ can only live on tiktok. With a live feature on tiktok an user Tiktok who do it live will get a gift menu logo which if the tiktok seller gives a gift, we can exchange it to rupiah, so many are currently doing live on tiktok and many also want to be able to libe on tiktok quickly.

The live tiktok figure is a live feature where we can interact with our fans on tiktok. To be able to do live when registering for tiktok, we can increase our age so that we can live on tiktok.

Then how to live tiktok without a minimum of followers or without 1000 followers, let’s discuss!

To do live tiktok without 1000 followers, of course it’s possible but we have to appeal to tiktok. By sending a message to tiktok party with the excuse that they can’t live on tiktok. how do i send a direct message to tiktok?

Let’s discuss, for a way to live tiktok without 10000 followers you can chat directly with tiktok, the way you can enter the tiktok application, you select it in the privacy settings section and you select the menu in the report a problem section.

Then you select mendu with the keyword you can’t do live tiktok, then you tap like a pencil on the top right, you can appeal that you can’t live, and can enter video or photo evidence or you can take a screen shot on your cellphone, and you you can go to the camera section, you take a screenshot and you send it to tiktok so you can live without 1000 followers.

Thus the discussion on how to live tiktok without 1000 followers, hopefully it will be useful and thank you.