How to lock apps on vivo 2022

Hello friends, from all walks of life, meet again with Mimin, this time Mimin will discuss how to lock applications on Vivo 2022 cellphones.

Vivo cellphones are very popular cellphones with large resolution cameras and are widely used by many Android users, especially in Indonesia.

In addition, the Vivo cellphone also provides a number of interesting features for users of this cellphone. One of them is what we will discuss this time, namely locking applications without additional applications.

How to lock applications on a vivo cellphone without additional applications is actually quite easy, it’s just that maybe there are some friends who don’t understand,

Well, buddy, who wants to lock the application so it won’t be opened by cloth people can lock the application that we want, in the hope that no one will be able to open our application other than ourselves.

For those of you who are curious about how to lock a Vivo cellphone, you can follow the method below:

The first step you need to do, my friend, is to go to the homepage of our cellphone, select it in the settings or settings menu.

Furthermore, my friend can choose the security menu or security and privacy

Next, create a password to lock the application that we want, make sure the password or password is easy to remember.

Select the application you want to lock, and then go directly to the home page on our cellphone.

Then my friend can go back in and try to open the application that we locked earlier. Then enter the password that was created earlier, friend.

Well, it’s easy enough not to lock the application on this Vivo 2022 cellphone.

Make sure the application password that has been created is noted down in anticipation that we forget the application password that we added the key earlier.

This will make you feel safe when the application has been given a code or password. Apart from us, no one will be able to open the application that we locked earlier.

To further increase the security of your cellphone, you can also install a pattern code on the main screen on your cellphone.

Thus the discussion on how to lock the latest Vivo 2022 cellphone, hopefully it will be useful and thank you.