How to lock iPhone 2022 photos and videos

Assalamualikum.hallo online friends, see you again in mimin’s article, this time we will discuss how to lock photos or videos on iPhone 2022.

Having a smartphone is something that might be called a necessity, and all personal data we usually store on our cellphones. So everything must have important data on our cellphones. Well, one of them is to maintain the security of the cellphones that we use, namely being able to lock some files that may indeed be important.

Every cellphone has security features, from pattern lock, fingerprint, and application lock, it must have been provided, because to keep important files on our cellphones.

Including one example is a photo or video. Because it concerns us personally, so we also have to be observant when leaving our cellphones, make sure we have a key so that it cannot be opened by anyone other than ourselves.

Well but this time we will discuss how to lock photos and videos on the iPhone for friends who use this iPhone.

If you want to lock the iPhone gallery, it’s a bit difficult and easy, this is different from cellphones in general, where we have to use special tricks so that our photos and videos on the iPhone can be locked and safe without anyone accessing it.

One of the things we can do to lock photos or videos on the iPhone is to use the features of the iOS Notes application.

Although the iPhone gallery does not yet support the gallery lock option or photos and videos, the iOS Notes application in general offers support for making secret notes that are created or designed to secure our personal data, including photos and videos.

Now for those of you who don’t know how, let’s discuss how to lock iPhone photos and videos in this article;


Open your phone gallery

Select all photos and videos that you want to lock

Press the share button which is usually located at the bottom left

Select Notes from the application that appears

If it doesn’t appear, you can select it in the menu more

Next Change the location to save and add a description (optional)

Press the save button if you are sure that the photo or video will be locked

Open the Notes application, then open the photos and videos that have been prepared earlier.

click the more button at the top right of the three dots

choose lock from the window that appears

If you haven’t done it before, feel free to do it

enable touch option

and face id if needed

click done

open the note again then press the menu in the padlock, at the top to lock the note.

Then a note will appear that is “this note is locked” and the contents of the note will not be visible. To be more secure, you can delete photos or videos in your gallery, because they are already stored in the notes.


open the notes app

press menu view note

Enter the password that was created

type menu section ok

or use touch or face id

don’t forget to knock on the padlock icon one more time before exiting the note.

Here’s what you can know in this notes application, as long as the photos and videos are saved, you don’t have to worry about the photos and videos that are already stored in them and will remain safe.

Now for those of you who want to return it back or want to remove it from the notes to the iPhone gallery, you can follow the steps below:

Open notes like I discussed in the article above

Search for the desired photo or video

Press and hold the photo for a while

Select the share menu from the menu window that appears

swipe down and find the save image menu

And can be repeated if you want to issue a lot of photos and videos.

By doing the above, photos and videos will automatically enter the iPhone gallery again. So if we open it again.

That’s the discussion on how to lock photos or videos on an iPhone 2022, hopefully it’s useful and thank you.