How to login to Gojek without an application, is it possible? This is the explanation – Users of the Go-Jek application may have thought about whether they can login to Go-Jek without the application or not? Because maybe it can save HP memory.

Go-Jek is an online motorcycle taxi application that is quite widely used by the people of Indonesia. This multifunctional application is widely used for various needs of its users.

At the beginning of its establishment, Go-Jek only functioned as an online motorcycle taxi. Gradually, this application is equipped with various features to support community activities, such as food delivery (go-mart), bill delivery (go-billing), message delivery (go-message), and so on. So it’s natural that many people use this application.

How to Login GoJek without an application, is it possible?

To answer the question of whether there is a way to log in to Gojek without this application, of course, we need proof first. Because, Gojek has an official website, namely, so as a user you can see the site.

After visiting the gojek com site, we can find out whether we can enter gojek without additional applications or not.

How do I prove it, min? Please check if there is an account log in feature on the site. If not, we can be sure that we can’t log in to Gojek unless we use the official application.

Does the Gojek Com Site Have Account Login Info?

When we visited this website, it turned out that we did not find an account login option on the official Go-Jek website.

In fact, after we searched from the menu and various links related to the user login account column, there were none.

This means that the Gojek login method without an application cannot be applied. Because there is no such service on the official site.

If users want to log in to their Gojek account, they can directly use the Mobile application. You can download it directly on the Play Store or App Store.

For old and new users who want to register for Gojek, please use the GoJek application to do so, because Go-Jek has not facilitated account logins through the official website.

Gojek also notifies that users need to complete personal identities such as cellphone numbers, emails, and other personal information to validate user accounts. So that the account remains safe and can be used properly.

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That’s the brief information that we can convey related to how to login Gojek without an application or not. Now you know the answer to that question. So, if anyone asks about it, please answer according to the context above.

If GoJek will provide additional services or features on the official website regarding the gojek web login. We will provide you with the information as soon as possible. Of course, through this article that we share. Thank you and hopefully useful.