How to make a moving profile photo on Tiktok 2022

Peace be upon you, online friends, see you again in this article, this time we will discuss how to make a moving profile photo on tiktok 2022.

Moving profile photos on tiktok are sought after and want to use them, actually to use a moving profile photo on tiktok is very easy and without additional applications, of course for those of you who want to make a moving profile photo on tiktok right in this article. And we will review how to create a profile move on tiktok.

Tiktok itself is a social media application that has many users, tiktok itself has various features that users can get, and the most prominent thing is short videos or short videos that we can use to be creative,

Tiktok itself currently has quite a lot of users and is favored by teenagers, of course those who have a business hobby of course this will be a platform that we can make income, for example by selling products. Now on tiktok itself we can also shop online, besides tiktoj also set up affiliates for those of you who want to promote products sold on tiktok.

For now, many TikTok users make their profiles using videos or moving profiles. Actually, using a moving profile photo is very easy, now for those of you who don’t know how. Creating a mobile tiktok profile can be done in a few steps below if you want to change the mobile profile on tiktok.

Make sure you already have a tiktok account and a tiktok application, after that open your tikrok and then you go to your profile section, by clicking on your profile at the bottom right.

Next tap on the edit profile menu section on your tiktok homepage,

So then after you choose in the edit profile section we will see a menu like a video on the side of your profile.

Like the example in the image below

then you just change it into a video profile, tap on the menu section of your video profile, you just enter the video you want, and tao on the change profile menu. Then your profile will automatically change to a profile that moves on tiktok.

How to quickly add tiktok 2022 followers.

The quick way to add the latest tiktok followers, is that you just follow some friends, then you return them again, so the follow menu we return to follow, then just wait and your followers will go up on tiktok. how to make your tiktok videos reach other people quickly is that we can use music that is again viral.

On tiktok itself you can also make money, that is by inviting friends or becoming an affiliate of the tiktok program, which is participating in marketing the goods on tiktok

That’s the discussion on how to make a mobile profile on tiktok 2022, hopefully it’s useful and thank you.