How to make a name on the OPPO 2022 cellphone lock screen

Peace be upon you, my friend, see you again with Mimin, now this time Mimin will discuss how to make a name on the Oppo phone lock screen.

Every cellphone has its own advantages on every smartphone, one of which is the lock screen on the cellphone, now what we will discuss this time is how to make a name on the Oppo cellphone lock screen.

The Oppo cellphone lock screen is a feature that users can use because it can display wallpapers and know that the cellphone is locked and can also maintain our privacy so that no one can open our cellphone.

So, how to make a name on our Oppo cellphone, according to our wishes. Now this time we will directly discuss it in this article, friend.

Well actually Oppo has provided various interesting features, especially the one where we can change the name on our cellphone lock screen,


to change the name on the lock screen of your oppo cellphone, you can follow some of the steps that mimin will discuss, so first 2 friends open your oppo cellphone, then friends, you can enter the settings menu on each cellphone.

Then you can choose in the security menu section in these settings, select the screen lock menu by just clicking the menu on the right side, friend.

For the next, my friend can continue by pressing on the “screen lock message” menu, then just type the name as you wish, my friend,

For the next step, my friend can tap on the save menu, and my friend can get out of the cellphone then automatically on the lock screen a name menu will appear that we expect, friend.

So it will feel beautiful to look at the lock screen on our cellphone, friend, then if you want to replace it, please go to the lock screen section again and just edit it again for the name of the lock screen, friend.


The Oppo figure also provides a way to hide applications on our cellphones, so that the applications we often use are not opened by others, so you can hide applications that might be considered important.

This is also very useful for protecting other people who want to open our cellphones, because privacy is also very important. So for those of you who want to hide the application on your Oppo A3s, you can do the steps below, friend.

1. Open your Oppo Hp Settings then select in the security or security menu.

On the security menu, you can select in the “app encryption” menu

Then enter the password to enter in this section, friend, where you can enter the code or password. So if you don’t have a password, you can create it first, friend.

Then several application menus will appear that we want to hide and you just have to choose according to your wishes.

That’s the discussion on how to make a name on the Oppo cellphone lock screen and hopefully it’s useful, thank you.