How to make a pin in a Tiktok comment

How to make a pin in a tiktok comment. One of the newest tiktok figures is making a pin in a tiktok comment.

Tiktok is currently a social media by sharing short videos or short videos where in the tiktok application itself many prepare the latest features such as tiktok shop, gift menu, tiktok monetization and tiktok currently prepares online shopping, namely tiktok shop.

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Both in this discussion we will discuss how to embed comments on tiktok videos or how to create pins in comments on this tiktok video.

How to pin or create a pin on a tiktok comment is much sought after for how to make a pin in a tiktok comment.

Pin and pin is a way for tiktok account owners to pin comments in their videos. The way the tiktok pin works and pins it on tiktok is to make the comments above even though your video has a lot of comments, with the terms of the comments that we have given this pin will not go down but will be in the first position, even though there are many comments that enter our tiktok video.

Here’s for those of you who are curious about how to assign each pin in the tiktok comments.

How to Create the Latest Tiktok Comment Pin

here are some ways to pin comments on tiktok which are still being searched for in this way.

First you can open your tiktok application, so that your tiktok application is not slow you can update your tiktok application or update it first on the play store

Choose which video you want to check the comments for and you put it at the top and will not go down for the comment.

Next, you can enter your tiktok video comments, and you tap the comment menu option as below.

After you click on the comment menu, it will look like this

Select an account or select the comment you want to make the top position and will not go down.

Next, press and hold on the account whose comment you will pin earlier.

After you press and hold it will appear various menus as shown below

You can choose in the embed menu, it will automatically, then automatically for the comment it will be at the top and will not go down before we open the tiktok comment pin.

In addition to how to pin a tiktok comment, you can also unpin a comment on your tiktok video, meaning that if you have pinned it and want to release it, the comment position above will automatically go down if we delete the pin.

Here’s how to unpin this tiktok comment.

Just like the method above to delete the pin that we have made in the comments, the method is that you just press and hold the video that you made the pin, and a menu like the picture below will appear.

then you just tap the menu option, unpin the tiktok comment, and automatically the comments that we pinned earlier will return to their comment position in their original place before being pinned.

That’s the discussion on How to Create a Pin in the Latest Tiktok Comments, hopefully it’s useful and thank you.