How to Make a Song Score (Number Notes) in Microsoft Word

Some time ago, a friend asked me about “How do I make a complete sheet score with numeric notes in Microsoft Word?”. Check by check, it turned out that the friend was asked by the lecturer to make a sheet score as one of the requirements for graduating from the ecclesiastical music course he had programmed.

It is undeniable that many people find it difficult to make song scores complete with numeric notes in Microsoft Word because they do not know that the numerical notes are made using a special font to support the making of certain notes in a song such as do high, do low, fis and some other notes.

Not only that, but there are also some tone marks that cannot be made using the usual fonts available in Microsoft Word such as Legato, Fermata, Closing Bar, and so on.

So, how do you make a complete sheet score with Numbers in Microsoft Word?

In this article, I will explain clearly about this problem. But you need to understand that it is not only the Microsoft Word application that we can use to create the Number Notes, but we can also use the WordPad application which is automatically available on your computer.

How to Make Numerical Notes for Score Songs

Now to make a number note in Microsoft Word, there are several steps that you must follow, which are as follows:

1. Download and Install Number Notation Font

The first step you have to do is download and install the font that will be used to make the numeric notes. The download link is below:

How to download it is:

  • First of all, please click the download link above and you will be directed to Google Drive storage. Please click the download link in the upper right corner

  • If it has been downloaded then please install the font. If the font is already installed then automatically the font can be used in your Microsoft Office Word.

The font that you downloaded earlier is highly recommended for making numeric notes in Microsoft Word. If you have installed it then we will move to the next stage, namely making numeric notes.

2. Shortcut To Create Tone Alerts and Specific Notes

After installing the font that will be used to make numeric notes, then next I will discuss about keyboard shortcuts or key combinations to make certain notes or notes that are not available in symbols such as Fermata, Legato, top point, bottom point, middle up, line bar. and so forth.

The font that you have downloaded only supports the numbers 0 to 7. So when you type the numbers 8 and 9 it will turn into a tone sign or not take the form of anything. This is because this font is devoted only to making numerical notes when making a sheet score.

How to make tone marks or notes that cannot be made with symbols, for example, you will make High Re (two dot above) then please type a number 2 using a numeric notation font followed by pressing the button Shift + >

To make the lyrics of the song, you can use the font according to your wishes but I prefer to use the Calibri font for better results.

To create a tone line, you can use the shapes feature and then select a line. If you have, please draw a line from one note to another.

Tips for Making Scores in Microsoft Word

It is realized that the first time we create numeric notes in Microsoft Word, you will find some difficulties such as:

  • Difficulty in making specific notes or notes
  • Matching notes with song lyrics.
  • Set the tone bar and so on.

But with practice and thoroughness, I’m sure you will be able and proficient in making sheet music using the Microsoft Word application.


That’s my review of How to Make Number Notes in Microsoft Word, if there is something you don’t understand about my description above, you can ask in the comments column. Hopefully it can be useful for you. That is all and thank you.