How to Make a Wattpad Cover on Picsart and its Size

Free – Wattpad users may have thought about making covers on this site and application themselves. In addition to customizing what users like by creating their own covers, users can also express what they like.

There are various kinds of media that you can use to create your own Wattpad cover. Whether it’s through applications on Android or iPhone Photoshop, Canva, PicsArt or other photo editing applications.

Well, below we will provide a guide on how to easily create a Wattpad cover on Picsart. In addition to the tutorial on making it, we will also inform you about the size of the cover. More details, please check below!

Wattpad Cover Size on Picsart

Before going to the topic of discussion, namely making a Wattpad cover via Picsart, as a potential creator, of course, we need to know the size of the cover first. The reason is, this is the basis for making a good cover.

Wattpad itself does not set the upload size for a cover. Users can make Wattpad covers from cellphones or laptops according to the wishes of the maker. However, because the focus of making this cover is on the PicArt application, it is wiser to just use a cellphone.

For making a Wattpad cover book, the size we recommend is 512px x 800px. You can apply this size when the process of making the Wattpad cover begins to work.

How to Make a Wattpad Cover on PicsArt

Please note, PicsArt is a photo or image editor that provides a variety of interesting features in it. Some of the features that picart has include filters, collages, frames, stickers, text effects, graphics, clipart, crop, rotate, adjust colorand others.

This feature on Wattpad can make it easier for users to make good, interesting, and interesting Wattpad covers according to the wishes of the creator. And here are the steps in the manufacturing process.

  1. Download the PicsArt application first, if you have, please open it.
  2. When you are on the application homepage, please click the ‘Drawings’ menu.
  3. Next, select the ‘Pick Canvas’ and ‘Custom Size’ options.
  4. Here the user needs to make the wattpad cover size first, make the size 512 x 800 pixels.
  5. Then, please click the ‘Photo’ icon to enter the main cover.
  6. Please give the title of the main story on the Wattpad cover.
  7. Use the type and size of the font according to the user’s wishes.
  8. You can also add effects filter and overlays on the cover image to make it look more dramatic.
  9. When finished compiling the cover photo edit, click click ‘Arrow’.
  10. Finally, click ‘Save’ to save the image for the Wattpad cover to the gallery.

Thus, the process of making a Wattpad Cover on PicsArt has been successfully carried out perfectly. Now we just have to upload it to Wattpad as the final step in the change.

That’s the information we can convey related to the guide in making a Wattpad cover. Now you can design a Wattpad book cover as attractive as possible through this PicsArt application.

You can also use other photo or image editing applications on the PlayStore and AppStore platforms, such as Canva, Photoshop and similar applications. Thank you and hopefully useful.