How to Make an Avatar Image on Facebook

After Facebook has a new look for desktop devices, now they are launching another very interesting new feature to try. That is the Avatar feature, where users can create cartoon characters according to their personality or as desired.

Later the Avatar that has been created can be used as a profile photo, cover photo, or even a sticker that can be used to comment. Besides that, making this Avatar is also very easy, you know, like playing a game The Simswhere you can adjust everything from hair, eyes, nose, etc. as expected.

Unfortunately the Avatar feature is only available in the Facebook application and cannot be applied through the version application Lite. So if you want to enjoy this feature, make sure you have updated the Facebook app on the Play Store or the Apps Store.

Steps to Create Avatar on Facebook

  1. Open the Facebook app.

  2. Tap the Menu option (triple strip).

    Tap Menu Options

  3. Then scroll down and tap Avatars.

    Tap Avatar Menu

  4. Wait until loading is complete.

  5. Now you can create an Avatar, starting from choosing your skin color.

    Make Avatar Image on Facebook

  6. When the Avatar has been created, tap the button Selesai at the top to save it.

    Creating Cartoon Avatars on Facebook

Avatars on Facebook can only be created manually, this is different from AR Emoji on Samsung which can be created automatically from face images. But even so, there is a mirror icon available during Avatar creation, to allow you to imitate the face in more detail so that it looks the same as the original.

Why is the Avatar Menu Not Available on Facebook?

Make sure you are using a Facebook application that is not Lite. And also make sure that the version of the application used is the latest. If you are not sure about the version, please check for updates on the Play Store or the Apps Store.

If the Avatar option appears but can’t be pressed, it’s because the feature is still being downloaded. Please give it a few moments for the feature to download and then try to open Avatar again.

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The Facebook avatar is used as your identity in the form of a cartoon. The results can also be used as stickers on Facebook or on WhatsApp. And considering that this feature is still relatively new, the poses provided are still few.

Julybe in the future this feature can also be accessed via desktop devices, but I don’t know for sure when exactly. Hopefully it will be presented soon.

Hopefully useful and good luck