How to Make Automatic Beat Capcut

Peace be upon you, online friends, see you again in Mimin’s article, okay this time we will discuss how to make automatic beats in capcut.

The Capcut application itself is a pause editing application, and edits videos including YouTube videos, the Caocut application itself is currently widely used, for editing the video version of the photo and video versions, besides that this Capcut application is also widely used by YouTube creators to edit videos. on youtube channel,

The other side of this capcut application is, one of the advantages of using this capcut application we can make money, by joining the capcut creator, of course. the many functions of this capcut application depend on those of us who use it, and for the pauseg jedug creators themselves, they have to excellence is to get money from the templates they make, this can make those of you who want to edit and get money can register to become creators at Capcut,

There are so many creators in this capcut application right now, it’s not surprising because only by editing pauses we can make money from the templates we make, and for the music we usually follow music that is viral on tiktok, that’s why a lot of capcut creators manage to get money when plunge in the creator of capcut, of course, must always be active in this application.

The capcut application itself is currently starting to be widely used, many use this application as a pause maker or for those who want to use the pause jedug template, and not only that, youtube creators are currently editing a lot using this application,

the advantage of this capcut application is that it is easy to use and the menu is also simple, we can even edit just to prepare our photos, we can use the templates provided and without watermarks, and the method has been discussed in the previous article about how to make pauses capcut template without watermark.

In addition, for you beginners who are still confused about determining the beat in the Caocut application, take it easy because currently Capcut has the latest features that make it easier for users to create beats automatically, of which there are two choices, namely “rhythm 1 and rhythm 2, for rhythm 1 itself will determine the beat or yellow dot in the music section that we use slowly for the beat version, while for itama part 2, which is to determine the beat with the full version

beat with the music we use, please just adjust it to the rhythm you want to use, for a good verai yourself you can try in the rhythm part 2, because rhythm 2 will follow the beat of the song you use.

Well, like the example image below, friend:

To activate the automatic beat menu, all you have to do is slide the menu in the auto-generate section and swipe to the right, just choose the rhythm you want, then the song beat will automatically appear and you just have to edit it, for photos or videos that you want to edit without gotta make a beat,

Fit the photo or video you want to edit according to the yellow dot at the bottom of the music you’re using.

That’s the discussion on how to make a capcut automatic beat, hopefully it’s useful and thank you