How to Make Comics on Android Easily

Making a comic basically requires a high level of skill, in terms of drawing and also composing stories. But now, you can make comics quickly, without the need to draw again, and only provide an Android phone.

With the help of the app, you can create comics from photos in the gallery. So the photo will be given a special filter that makes it look like an original comic image, and after that you can simply write down the text for the storyline.

The application that will be used is Comica. It is a comic maker application that is very easy to use. Everything can be done with just few taps just. Keep reading this article to find out how to do it.

Tutorial on Making Comics on Android

Only a few steps that you have to do and after that the comic is ready and can be shared with friends. Immediately, please follow the steps starting from the first.

1. Prepare Photos for Comics

You can take pictures of activities that will be used as comics later. And as a suggestion, make sure the photo shots are not too dark so that the results are good when they are later filtered.

The more photos available the better. Because later you can choose which photo is right to be used as a scene in the comic.

2. Download the Comica Application on the Play Store

The second stage is to download a comic maker application called Comica on the Play Store. The size of the app is approx. 14MB only and can be used starting from Android version 4.4 (KitKat) and above.

3. Stage of Making Comics on Android

Below are the steps to create a comic on one page. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the Comica application.

  2. Tap menu MULTI.

  3. Choose Templates desired for comics.

    Choosing a Comic Template

  4. Then tap one layout to add an image.

    Tap Layout

  5. After that select a photo in the gallery.

  6. In the filter section, select the option COMIC.

    Choose Comic Filter

  7. And continue to click the check button.

    Tap Check

  8. Now you can add text by pressing options TEXT.

    Adding Text in Comica

  9. When done, tap on the option SAVE at the top.

    Tap Save Option

  10. Now you can choose another layout to add images to.

  11. And when the entire layout is filled with images and dialogs, please tap Save icon in the below section.

    Making Comics on Android

  12. Done, now the comic has been made and the results can be seen from the gallery.

The method above only makes one page or one comic sheet. So you can repeat the steps above to create another page. And for the filter, you can also choose other than COMICfor example SKETCHor as you wish.

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Creating comics with the Comica application is very easy and fast. And maybe the steps above seem a lot to do, but basically it’s very fast when you practice it directly.

If you have any questions about the comic making tutorial above, you are very welcome to comment in the column below to get help.

Hopefully useful and good luck