How to Make Money From a Beginner’s Blog 2022

Assalamualikum, online friends, see you again in Mimin’s article, this time Mimin will discuss how to make money from blogs for beginners.

Plunging in the blog world is not as easy as we imagine, even for the competition itself is quite fast when we create a blog. What’s more, using a free domain like for how to make money on a blog, there are actually many, friend.

To make money from blogs for beginners, of course, it can’t be instant, we have to jump into blogs, fill out articles, and many more things that we need to pay attention to when plunging into the world of blogs. The thing we can do on a blog is write an article and later if you already have a good website, then everything is good, there is a lot of traffic you can actually make money from a blog, by registering it with google adsense.

To register a blog to google adsense is quite easy, and for free domains, such as usually wait 6 months to receive google adsense, now from google adsense we will get money or income from our blog,

For the version using blogspot like me, it will usually take about 6 brags to be accepted on google adsense, different from those using hosting or domains. we will be easy and fast to be accepted in google adsense and quickly get income.

Well, if you use a free domain from Google like Mimin, you have to wait 6 months before we can register it with Google Adsense, now if you use a domain or hosting on our website, it’s paid, bro. If you have a paid domain, it will be accepted quickly. on google adsense, now for those of you who are looking for a cheap domain you can search here and there you will be given some cheap packages from the hoster trade.

Plunging into the world of blogging, of course, we have to be diligent in making articles so that there can be a lot of views or visitors who visit our blog, of course, by diligently uploading, your blog traffic will increase of course.

Actually, to get income from blogs, we can also use advertising services or make the web a publisher, where we can display fish and can earn income before being accepted by Adsense.

There is another alternative, for those of you who already have a lot of yrafic on your blog, and still fail to register with google adsense, then you can use another way, namely make your website a publisher, then we can display curls from other publishers, such as adsterra ,adnow arccestrade and others.

So if you have a lot of visitors on the website and you haven’t received Google Adsense, then you can display ads on your blog using other publishers like the ones I mentioned above, for the adstera publisher itself, when we put an advertisement on our website, we will be paid in dollars, and can use your paypal account.

So before being accepted by Google Adsense, make your web site a publisher elsewhere, until your blog is accepted by Google Adsense, but to become a publisher on another site, you will automatically get additional income from your blog without using Google Adsense. Even Google Adsense, we can still install fish using other publishers.

Then besides that, you can also join other publishers such as Accsstrade. Which on this website you can place the ads you want, and there are many choices, such as shopie ads, lazada and others, so in other words you can use the ad as a source your income before being accepted by adsense.

In accstrade itself we can make banner ads that we can put on our blog, so for those of you who want to know more about accstrade, you can check here accstrade.

You can become a publisher on accstrade Indonesia to get income from our blog, of course.

This, apart from that you can also post oppo, shopie ads, open stalls and many more, for those of you who are curious about being a publisher on accstrade, you can check at

So actually still paying other publishers who can increase our income on the blog, and of course when it has not been received in Adsense, but if we combine it from Adsense to other publishers it is usually okay and can be paired with curls from Adsense itself.

Thus the discussion of how to blog to make money for beginners, hopefully it will be useful and thank you.