How to Make Paid Themes and Fonts on Realme v 8.3.0, So Free – Realme users on theme store 8.3.0 may not enjoy paid features if you want to change the theme or font on your cellphone. The reason is, not everyone likes premium things that are applied in a cellphone.

Whether we realize it or not, in this v 8.3.0 theme there are various kinds of background themes and fonts that are pretty cool to apply. In fact, there are some that are quite beautiful when used as your Realmemu cellphone wall wallpaper.

Therefore, here we will provide tips and tricks on how to make a theme on the theme store on Realme for free without paying. So, you can use it without spending any money. Here are the complete details.

How to Make Paid Themes and Fonts on Realme v 8.3.0 So Free

Here are the steps in making paid themes in realme become free. Please read slowly so you don’t make a mistake in the implementation process.

Before going to the main process, please prepare in advance some of the required applications, namely theme store 7.4.0 and iMODPro v1.3.4. If you don’t have it, please download the file via the link below.

  • Link Apk theme store 7.4.2 ( )
  • Apk Link iMODPro v1.3.4. ( )

Please Copy then Paste the link above into the search field in your flagship browser. Don’t Install First. Then follow the steps below to start the process of making themes on realme free without paying.

  • First, please open the theme store application v 8.2.0\8.3.0
  • Second, select the font or theme that you want to make permanently free. For example, the Moe theme is priced at 10,000.
  • Click, Test. And wait for the theme installation process to be successful.
  • There will be a notification of a free trial description of this theme which is given a duration of 5 minutes.
  • If it’s been almost five minutes, now we go to the stage of making the theme permanent.
  • Please uninstall theme store v 8.2.0\8.3.0 or latest.
  • The trick, click the application for a long time >> click application info >> click the 2nd point in the upper right corner >> Click uninstall. Then OK.
  • Then, install the Apk theme store 7.4.2 and Apk iMODPro v1.3.4 applications. which we have ordered to download above.
  • After installing the two applications, then enter the iMODPro application.
  • In this application, you will find various options on the top row. click the blue button icon several times 2-3 times until the “permanent actived” notification appears.
  • Then, open the theme store version 7.4 application.
  • Go to My Menu. Then select Source, click Cancel.

Up to this point, you have succeeded in making the theme yours completely or permanently. So, you don’t need to buy the theme anymore so that your Realme cellphone looks even cooler and nicer.

Try when doing the above method you do not cross the usage limit. Because it will make the process of changing the realme theme for free to be in vain.

That’s the information we can convey regarding how to make paid realme themes and fonts free. I hope the above information is useful for you. That’s all and good luck.