How to make pp wa blank 2022

As long as friends meet again with Mimin, now this time we will discuss how to make the latest blank pp wa 2022 which is hitz and the current trend.

The wa application is an application that is widely used by android users, this application has features for chatting, sending photos, videos, etc. Actually, in this whatsapp application, there are actually many features that we can get.

This application is also said to be quite simple and easy to use, this wa or whatsapp application is indeed widely used by Android users, because apart from being easy to use, it is also easy to understand in terms of not being complicated.

Now, for now, what is very popular is an empty PP photo or an empty profile photo on wa, many want to find out how to create this blank wa profile. Now how to make it. We will discuss it later in this article.

How to make a koso profile on wa or can we interpret a blank profile without this photo being searched for a lot, how do you make this empty wa profile?

Well, here are the steps you can do to create the blank wa profile:


~ The first step, my friend, can open my friend’s wa, and then we go to the settings menu in the right corner.

~For Next Press on your wa profile section, then to get white color, you can use a screen photo or screenshot then take the white color to make the blank profile photo.

~ So next if it’s on the screen photo then replace your profile with a white photo from the screen photo.

~ Set the right position so that the photo fits right into our wa.

~ then click on the save menu when the profile photo with the white screen screenshot or screenshot has been entered, then you can check the results and it will become an empty photo that is currently trending.

~ If you have created a blank profile photo, then you can continue to create an empty name, that is, your name can also be deleted. Then take empty text, you can search on Google, and paste it in the wa column of your name. Make sure before adding empty text, buddy. can delete the name first.

~ then furthermore in the bio section you can also change it with empty text, now for your own empty text, you can search on google a lot

And for that you can see for yourself that the results will be empty, without a profile, without a bio and without a name, now for the empty text, you can search on google, friend.

It’s not easy enough to create an empty 2022 wa profile that is viral again, I hope this short article is useful and thank you.