How to make telegram video stickers

Assalamualikum online friends, see you again in our article, this time we will discuss how to make video stickers on Telegram.

Telegram is a social media that has many users, telegram itself has a variety of interesting features, and can be enjoyed by users on telegram.

In Telegram itself, apart from chatting and sending messages, this application is also widely used as an alternative to watching Korean films and there are many more films that you can watch on this Telegram application.

There are many features that this telegram has, one of which can create a group and channel on Telegram.

We can change the appearance of Telegram itself, like WhatsApp and we have discussed it in the previous article. Actually, there are still many features that you can get in this Telegram application.

Now on this occasion, Mimin will discuss how to make video stickers on this Telegram, of course for those of you who want to make video stickers on this Telegram.

Here are some steps you can take to make video stickers on this Telegram:

First open your telegram, and make sure the telegram has been updated.

Then then you tap on the search menu section, then in the search menu section you usually type “video stickers” in the form of a bot.

Then just tap on the sticker video menu and just click then after that we can make the sticker video you want.

Enter the video that you want to make a sticker, and tap on the send menu section and your video sticker will automatically be ready.

And the next step is all you have to do is send or share the sticker video that you have made, you can share it with your friends or relatives.

That’s the discussion on how to make video stickers on Telegram, hopefully it’s useful and thank you.