How to Make the Ijab Kabul Relationship Lasting & Lasting?

Everyone who wants to explore a more serious correlation (marriage) certainly expects a lasting correlation, living together until grandparents and only death do them apart. But the reality is that now many couples are separating even though the age of consent is only as old as corn, even though the separation is exacerbated due to trivial things. Openness, honesty, communication, mutual respect and respect are effective and effective ways to maintain a marriage.

It makes sense if there are a lot of debates, fights or disagreements because the point is that every human being is created with thoughts that are different from one another. But the most difficult thing is how to harmonize 2 different thoughts can be in line in one relationship, namely marriage. So that the life of the marriage agreement will run harmoniously, peacefully, full of romantic life and certainly last forever. So, here are 7 tips for maintaining the marriage agreement so that it will last and last as quoted from the Life Hacker site:

Happy Marriage

Respect every difference respect their rights
Problems that often occur in relationships are when one or both partners cannot afford the shortcomings of each partner when both are already in marriage. In the past, when dating, of course, these shortcomings were not visible or not yet visible. A healthy relationship will grow when partners respect each difference without having to force them to share the same opinion and give each other some personal space.

In relationships, it is important to also give our partners their own rights, such as hanging out with their friends, hobbies or their own activities. In this way, you learn and grow together while nurturing qualities that are unique to each individual in married life.

Communicate Transparent
Maintaining openness and intense communication is mandatory to maintain an eternal and lasting consent. Often, we say what we think people want to hear, or are afraid to tell the truth. However, there is no point in hiding your inner self when you are in a relationship. In the marriage contract, everything must be open because indeed you are already in a more serious relationship, the marriage agreement is to unite 2 different individuals and are able to live life in one direction and purpose. Openness, honesty and good communication mean being brave enough to share how you feel. It also means getting your partner honest, so the lines of communication remain transparent.

Inspire each other to be better
When you first meet someone and fall in love with them, it’s likely because you feel they are full of inspiration. Feelings motivate and inspire each other to push each other towards the same goal in your ijab kabul. In correlations that work well, the desire to motivate one another increases over time, even in the midst of difficult circumstances. You welcome each new challenge together, with the aim of helping each other become better at everything.

Appreciate every little thing in your marriage
The little things that happen in your acceptance speech are moments of strengthening your consent. Saying thanks, reminding each other if something goes wrong, helping each other, working together and other small habits in your household you need to take care of, don’t let the cohesiveness be lost over time. This will improve the quality of your marriage, a harmonious and romantic life in the midst of your family.

You both get each other’s advantages and disadvantages
By embracing each other’s flaws, we can still help our partners grow without falling into the terrible trap of thinking that we would love them if only they would change. It was inevitable that everyone would change. Everyone is certainly easy to get all the advantages of their partner but what about their shortcomings? If you can’t love your partner’s flaws, chances are you’ll never love your partner completely.

Make your marriage life with fun new things
Boredom is a natural thing to happen in marriage. But don’t let boredom in your household become a trigger for marriage correlation. New fun things you can do to make your married life more meaningful, so that life always remains fresh and satisfying. You can give each other something new while remaining curious. Couples are never static, because we are all constantly changing. This ensures we never know absolutely everything about the other person. Try new things together, new adventures, and make your partner always curious about the new things you will make.

Spontaneity in solving problems
One of the most common things that happens in the marriage agreement correlation problem is letting small case problems not be resolved immediately so that they become big ones. After the problem is big, it often creates a rift in the marriage relationship. Always solve every problem with spontaneity, even if it’s a small thing. Don’t let the problem continue and the problem must be finished before you both enter the bedroom.