How to Make TikTok Videos Not Blurry 2022

How to Make Titkok Videos Not Blurry 2022_ Tiktok is a social media application that is currently being used by almost all android users, because the tiktok application is widely opened every day and with many users on tiktok it is almost active on tiktok itself. tiktok itself is an application social media that provides a short video or short video that users can share.

There are many short videos that we can find on this tiktok. From short funny versions of videos, news and much more that we can find for this tiktok, currently tiktok itself brings up monetization features which, for tiktok users can also make money, features on tiktok provides income to its users with various features. First, tiktok users can do live streaming and if there are fans who provide gifs, then we can make money on this tiktok application.

The second figure, if the followers have reached 10k, our videos usually also make money from the tiktok prize feature, the way it works is the same as when doing live streaming tiktok.

The third feature is Tiktok shop without selling goods or the owner of the goods can both make money at this Tiktok shop, as a product owner can sell on Tiktok and will get the money that is to get money from selling on Tiktok products.

As a tiktok user, you can also make money on tiktok even if you don’t have a product, which is enough to join the tiktok shop and can join tiktok affiliate marketing where we only share products to our tiktok basket. can be disbursed to your bank account.

Actually there are many more tiktok features that can make money in this tiktok application.

And on this occasion, Mimin will discuss how to make TikTok videos not blurry in 2022. Julybe some of you have or often experience blur on TikTok videos. And this makes us often disappointed when the videos we upload become blurry and blurry.

The first thing, make sure you check in the settings menu, and check whether the data saving feature is active, if it’s active please deactivate it in the data saving menu, then automatically when your data savings have been deactivated, your video won’t blur anymore. the video will be blurry when we activate the saving in the tiktok settings setting. to disable the data saver feature in the tiktok application, please enter the settings menu and check the privacy and settings menu at the bottom a data saver feature will appear so if it is active you can select disable so that your tiktok video is not blurry.

How to make tiktok videos not blurry, make sure when making a video with good lighting or in bright places so that your video is not blurry and not blurry. your tiktok video is not blurry.

Then for a way to make the tiktok video not blurry, you can check your cellphone camera settings, and you can adjust it by choosing a good HD resolution to make videos, after you set your cellphone camera to HD then you can make videos again so that your tiktok videos don’t blur.

Thus the discussion on how to make Tiktok videos not blurry in 2022, hopefully it will be useful and thank you