How to make whatsapp notifications run on the top screen 2022

Peace be upon you, online friends, see you again in this article, we will discuss how to make WhatsApp notifications run on the screen or wa notifications run on the screen when there is an incoming message or incoming call on our WhatsApp.

How to make WhatsApp notifications run on the top screen or homepage of our cellphones, currently many are looking for how to make notifications run on WhatsApp. Curious, let’s look at the reviews in this article, we will discuss tricks so that we can also use WhatsApp notifications. this walk.

Of course, using the wa walking notification feature will add a screen to your cellphone. This running notification will come out if there is an incoming message. Later it will appear on the home screen of our cellphone and move or run.

To get this feature itself, we have to use the help of other applications, friend. Of course, the application in the Play Store. The method itself is as follows:

Open our play store then type the name of the added application, namely noticker, then install the noticer application and the file itself is only about 89kb so it won’t make your phone full of ram.

If it is already installed then click the try menu section, click on the menu allow the application, then enter the application and activate it by sliding to the right.

Then select the text that will run and select it in the top position. Then just click on the finished section then automatically if there is an sms or whatsapp phone call there will be a text message running on the screen above your cellphone.

How easy is it not to make wa notifications run on the top screen of our cellphones.

For the next, if you want to turn it off again, just delete it for the additional application. Then the running text will automatically disappear by itself.


How to solve whatsapp expired? Calm down for those of you who suddenly can’t open wa and there is info wa expired, don’t worry, buddy, you can update the whatsapp application.

To update WhatsApp itself is actually quite easy and maybe for beginners who don’t know, you can follow the steps below.

To update WhatsApp itself, there are two ways which can be updated directly by going to the Play Store, typing the name of the application, namely WhatsApp.

The way to update whatsapp is to just click on the whatsapo update button with the green logo, and you will automatically update our wa to the latest version.

And the trick above is the first trick if you want to use the second trick, which is to open our play store, then click on your profile in the play store. Select it in the manage applications and devices section, then there will be many of your applications that have not been updated.

Next, select whatsapp and select the green menu, which is to update your whatsapp application, then your wa will automatically change to the latest version. This method is specifically for friends who don’t know how to update wa on the play store

That’s the discussion on how to make WhatsApp notifications run on the top screen, hopefully it’s useful and thank you.