How to Make WhatsApp Status HD and Best Quality 2022

How to Create HD and Best Quality WhatsApp Status 2022_Status With HD Quality and the best on whatspp is indeed much sought after for whatsapp users. WhatsApp is a chat application and sends videos or gifs which is already widely used by android users, and is commonly used in various among.

The appearance of Whatsapp itself can be said to be simple, elegant, and easy to use even though it is used by whatsapp beginners. with a simple display with various interesting features that whatsapp gives to its users. But don’t get me wrong with a simple and attractive appearance there are also hidden features in whatsapp that we can get it. For the latest feature on whatsapo itself at this time is the emoji menu.

For the emoji menu itself, it appears in the wa message section, like when we press on the message chat section, an emoji feature will appear that you can choose, and for whatsapp you can get it on the play store for free for android users, and if you are an iphone user then You can get it in the App store.

For WhatsApp itself, it has an update feature to the beta version, where you can get more features if you update to the beta version. To update to the WhatsApp beta version, you can update it on playstore. You can go to search playstore, type whatsapp and you check at the bottom the application, there will be a WhatsApp Beta menu feature.

If you want to join you can tap on the menu section to join the beta version. maybe for those of you who have problems when making a status such as blurry whatsapp status, whatsapp status is not clear, there are some setting features that you have to change.

Many in search How to make whatsapp status not blurry that many are looking for, maybe some of you have experienced this, for those of you who experience whatsapp status is not clear or blurry you can set whatsapp status with HD quality or best quality on whatsapp.

How to Make HD and Best Quality Whatsapp Status

There are several ways so that your status is not blurry, some may even have broken and unclear status problems, of course there are several ways to overcome this so that WhatsApp status is not blurry and not broken.

Here are some steps on how to deal with blurry or broken WhatsApp status so that it becomes HD quality on WhatsApp.

First you can enter your android phone settings, tap on the settings menu section and tap on the SIM menu section, on your Sim card menu there will be a data usage feature, and you will find a data saving menu or feature, if the data saving feature on your cellphone you are active then you can disable it so that your WhatsApp status is not blurry or broken, here are the pictures for the steps.

Make sure the cellphone settings are in the settings as above or the data saving is disabled.

The second step is that you can enter your WhatsApp, tap on the settings menu and tap on the privacy menu.

And then you can choose the best quality in the menu so that your WhatsApp status is not broken or blurry.

You can do this method so that the status on your WhatsApp is of HD and best quality.

Thus the discussion on How to Create HD and Best Quality WhatsApp Status Hopefully this article is useful and thank you.