How to make your own wall plamir at home

For those of you who want to paint the house so that the paint used is not wasteful because it enters the pores of the wall, of course you use plamir as a block for the wall you want to paint. There are many plamir products on the market but you can make it yourself at home and of course this can minimize the budget that you can use for other purposes.

This homemade plamir can cut manufacturing costs because factory-made plamir is quite expensive in the pocket, but that doesn’t mean the quality of homemade plamir is not good, you know, this homemade quality is still ok. Some of the benefits of plamir as a wall block, some of which are as follows:

  • Saves layers of paint because it coats the pores of the wall
  • Makes the paint layer even and smooth
  • Able to patch uneven layers / wall pores
  • Prevent water seepage into the wall
  • Prevents mold from growing on walls
  • etc

After the walls or walls of the house are finished, of course the surface of the walls is still hot and porous, most people coat the walls or walls with wall plamir that can be purchased at a building store, the function of plamir is to make the walls look smoother and so that the paint does not seep so that it can avoid waste paint. Some treatments before applying plamir & painting are as follows:

  • Clean the surface of the wall from powder and dirt so that the plamir absorbs & coats the wall stronger.
  • Make sure the wall to be coated with plamir is completely dry for at least 7 days after the process of making the finished wall.
  • Flatten plamir using rakel
  • Plamir sandpaper until you get a smooth and even wall surface
  • New do the painting

Ingredients needed to make plamir (this time I made for approximately 5 kg, adjust the dose to your needs):

  1. Quality white cement
  2. Super cement (the price is a bit expensive but this material only needs a little)
  3. Calcium / calcite / building lime of elegant quality which is smooth white, don’t choose the color that is a bit opaque
  4. Eucalyptus glue usually I use f*x lem glue

Composition and how to make it

  1. Mix 0.5 kg of super cement with 20 liters of water and stir until completely mixed
  2. Take 3 liters of the dough water and pour it into the bucket
  3. Add 1 kg white cement
  4. Enter Calcium 2 kg
  5. Add 1 kg of glue
  6. Then mix the dough thoroughly
  7. If you want to make more or less as needed, just adjust the required dose for the composition above.